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Affinity Photo Or Adobe Photoshop – Which Is Better?


Adobe Photoshop – One name that every Web designer in India and across the globe is very familiar with! This photo-editing software has been ruling the industry since the past 27 years. Although within all these years, there were many softwares that tried to oust Photoshop, but it stood its ground and put in efforts to maintain its position ahead of the competition. Even today, there is lots of competition in the photo editing industry; and one upcoming software that seems to be good enough to replace Photoshop is ‘Affinity Photo’ by Serif, a cross-platform software package. Today in this blog we will try to compare different aspects of both Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo to analyze whether Affinity Photo is all ready to replace Photoshop in the future.


Adobe Photoshop’s designing is pretty good, and it has very few usability issues. Affinity Photo, on the other hand, is a step above when it comes to software design. It beats Photoshop in every design aspect including spacing, layout, iconography, and positioning. It is clear that each and every element of the software has been considered and focused upon during development. One of the most interesting features is that the windows of every design category can be separated to be used. Thus, the winner here is Affinity Photo.


We all know of the enormous number of features that Adobe Photoshop comes with, don’t we? Affinity Photo also offers a wide range of features similar to those found in Photoshop. In fact, it offers a more focused set of features that are innovative, unique, exceptional and well-executed. These include the 30 different live-blend modes, flexible export settings, and accurate selection tool. However, nothing can beat Photoshop! Adobe Photoshop definitely stands above in terms of features.


As per Mac, Adobe Photoshop is 881MB and Affinity Photo is only a mere 344MB. This makes it very quick in opening, handling, and exporting large photo files with Affinity Photo. This software is very lightweight and takes up considerably less space on installation, as compared to Photoshop. But along with this benefit, also comes a drawback. Adobe Photoshop, even though being heavier, provides much more wide-ranging and extensive features, unlike Affinity Photo. Therefore, the incredible features definitely justify the large size of Photoshop, which is why the designing industry prefers this software in spite of its space and loading issue. Therefore, Adobe Photoshop wins over in performance.


Adobe Photoshop comes with a monthly plan, along with a contract of 12 months. And, if you wish to terminate your plan before those 12 months, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. In contrast, Affinity Photo comes with a one-time fee with no additional monthly fees, hidden costs, or commitments. Once you pay for Affinity Photo, you can use it till how long ever you wish to. Moreover, a lifetime usage of Affinity Photo costs the same as four months of Photoshop usage! So, do we need to clarify that Affinity Photo is triumphant in terms of price?


Both the softwares are great in terms of customization. However, Adobe Photoshop stands a step ahead when it comes to install extensions, plugins, and filters. Conversely, Affinity Photo incorporates fully customizable shortcuts, which makes it quick and easy to enhance productivity using the complete set of shortcuts. But, on the whole, victory in this segment is for Adobe Photoshop.

We can see how Adobe Photoshop leads the comparison with the ratio of 3:2. This makes it clear that Affinity Photo still requires putting in lots of efforts to take over the industry standard. Making people shift from one software to another requires years of efforts and commitment. Since the past 27 years, Adobe Photoshop has been synonymous with photo-editing for every Web designer in India and abroad. Although Affinity Photo is an excellent tool and an innovative one, it will definitely take more to beat Photoshop!


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