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5 Practices To Bring Higher Rankings To Your Website


It is known that good habits produce good results. Similarly, good practices in the business can bring success and help your website to rank higher, hence improving search engine optimization. Here are some of the practices that you should consider carrying out regularly.

Write one article every day

Invest an hour or two everyday to write an article. It is time consuming but, new content drives more traffic to your website. Everybody wants to read something new every time. You can either write one short article every day or create 2-3 long articles per week. Don’t create articles just for the sake of having new content on your site. Write relevant and good quality articles for the readers to connect better with you.

Update old articles

Once the content starts getting older, it starts losing its value and readers soon forget about it. Newer content on the same relevant topic ranks higher in the search engines results pages. In order to stay at the top, you will need to update your old articles. All you need to do is make some minute changes here and there. The main goal of updating an article is that it should have a recent publication date to stay higher in the SERPs. Some of the changes that you can make include changing the title and headings, rewriting the introduction and conclusion, adding or removing a segment, adding new links and sharing your site. By just utilizing ten minutes every day to update your article, you can gain visibility and get more links.

Post links on social media platforms

Social media is a great way to promote yourself and get noticed. Almost every individual is using some or the other social media. So, you must promote your content on social media to attract large number of readers who in turn might be compelled to visit your website. This would drive more traffic to your site and hence increase your rankings. If these users are satisfied and pleased with your content, they might encourage other people to visit your website too.

Interact on social media

Only promoting yourself on social media is not enough. You must also interact with the users around. Like their posts, share their content and also comment on their activities. All this will lead to you getting noticed. People will interact with you and hence, gain a reputation about you. If they are pleased, they will get to your website and consider your products and services. All this will definitely bring you high values.

Interact on forums

Forums are a means of getting noticed and getting involved with other users. It lets you share your thoughts, have discussions, ask your queries as well as answer other users’ queries. You can use a forum to promote your brand. Your activity and behavior on forums builds up your reputation. Use this opportunity in the best possible way to market your name. Forums have a higher ranking in search engines. So, keep posting on them to get noticed.

Applying all this will hardly take 2-3 hours a day. With this little effort, you sure can get better results. Jain Technosoft, a leading SEO company in India, can help you increase your website traffic and visibility. Their SEO techniques will help improve conversion rates and help you stay on top of organic search ranking for a longer time.


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