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How Will Mobile First Indexing Change Everything Online?


Google has always been focusing on ways to improve customer experience, which is why it keeps coming up with updates every once in a while. And, with every update, it is the website owners and webmasters, who are not up-to-date with the new rules, that suffer. If you don’t want to be one of them, you always need to keep an eye on what Google is planning to do and make changes to your website for the same. Hiring professional SEO services in India from a recognized company is what can highly help you here, as they are in the business for long years and are well-aware of how Google works, and what to expect from it.

We all know how important mobile responsiveness is today for having Google to consider your site for ranking. Now, there is another factor that has been doing the rounds in the world of search engine ranking, which is the mobile first index. This has got a lot to do with indexing, meaning that there will be changes in the way Google will index content. Google will now take into account whether your mobile website complies with the search engine norms, based on which your desktop website ranking may also be affected.

People today are using more and more of mobile devices to surf the Web. And, trends and technologies are being altered and modified every few months. Google’s main aim is to ensure a great online experience for their users. Seeing that people are preferring mobile devices more than ever today, Google wants to make sure that you are providing users with a spectacular experience across all devices. This is why it has come up with this latest mobile-first indexing update. Thus, you will have to make sure that your mobile website offers an experience equally similar to the desktop experience. So, how do you ensure that your site is ready for the mobile-first index update? Here are three most important factors that can help you get ready for the transition that Google is soon to introduce.


One of the most important factors for your site to be compatible with Google’s mobile-first strategy is the speed at which your site loads. Your website must take minimum time to load if you don’t want to leave your users getting frustrated and abandoning your site. If your website takes 5 seconds or more to load, you have already lost on a lot of visitors. So, start working immediately on reducing your page loading time by fixing all those issues that are slowing down your site.


Content is king, and we have heard that a million times! So, what you need to do is compare the content on both your devices – desktop as well as mobile. Is the content on your mobile site in the same form as it appears across the desktop version, or are there any differences? You need to sort out any differences as we never know which website users will be visiting. Even if a user browses your site on the desktop once, he may refer to it again on his mobile device the second time. And, you sure don’t want him to get annoyed when he experiences different content on both the devices. So, you need to ensure that they experience the same course of transition across both devices that they browse on.


If you are providing internal links for your mobile site and desktop version that do not comply with each other, meaning separate URLs for both your website versions, it is a major issue for users visiting your site. This will result in unjustified internal linking quantification to be spread across the website, thus resulting in the site losing visibility on the top of SERPs. This will ultimately result in a great drop in ranking of your site.

We don’t know when Google will exactly be launching its mobile-first indexing update. But, you need to be ready as soon as possible with all these new updates if you don’t want to be dropped off from SERPs. So, don’t wait for Google to announce the launch of this new update for you to start working on it. In fact, start improvising your site immediately with the help of experts who can offer all kinds of strategized SEO services in India.


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