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Why Should You Update Your WordPress Website?


More than 74 million websites depend on WordPress today! Can you imagine how highly WordPress is trusted? It is the most powerful Content Management System today. In order to retain the trust, WordPress keeps coming up with newer versions to improve itself. You put in months of hard work and time into building up your website, and you sure don’t want to lose out on it. In order to maintain your site, you definitely need to keep your website upgraded as and when a newer version of WordPress is released. Neglecting website updating will only put your site at risk and will make it prone to attacks. Read to know in detail why you must have an updated website.

Updated features

Newer versions of WordPress come with a set of enhanced features to improve the functionality of your site. To gain access to a whole range of improved features, you need to update your WordPress website to make it a lot more versatile. You will be able to perform tasks better with newer features installed and can also accomplish tasks that you were unable to perform with the older versions. WordPress continuously evolves itself to bring up impressive features for its users.

Quality performance

New improved features mean ease of working with efficiency at higher speed. Who doesn’t want an efficient and faster website? Obviously your users will find your website better to use if you upgrade it with a new set of features. Your improved and extended functionality will give you greater control and room for expansion and improvement. This will improve the quality of your site’s performance and in turn, will also positively affect SEO in a great way.


Updating your website makes it compatible with new plug-ins. If you have an older version of WordPress and try installing a new plug-in, it won’t be compatible. If you try to download the plug-in, you will be asked to update your WordPress version. So, it is better you already stay updated beforehand to avoid inconvenience later.


With over 74 million websites using WordPress, you can understand how popular this platform is. This popularity makes it even more susceptible to hacking attacks and data thefts. More than 80% of blogs that are attacked by hackers don’t have updated plugins of WordPress versions. These attacks result in loss of data, injected malware and other issues. The WordPress team is working steadily to identify security risks and vulnerabilities. Taking advantage of this, you must upgrade your site to increase security and keep malicious hackers away.

User experience

If you use an old version of WordPress, where you are not compatible with newer features and functions, it will get your users frustrated, who will quit your site and not consider getting back again. So, if you are not updated, you will lose out on users and in turn, lose business. Instead, if you have an upgraded version with latest themes, plug-ins and features that are highly compatible and a site that is highly secure, your user experience is going to excel.

Now, you might have understood that an updated version has the best of everything with better features, compatibility, performance and security. If you are searching for professionals who can help you with creating a website with WordPress or if you are looking for assistance to upgrade your site, you can get in touch with Jain Technosoft, who has the best WordPress developers in India, who can ensure effective and efficient functionality of your WordPress website.


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