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Understanding The Aim Of Re-Designing A Website


Do you think re-designing a website means just providing it an improved new look? Well, this may be one of the important reasons but, it’s not the only one. There may be many goals and purposes behind the motive of re-designing a site. Without understanding the reason and knowing what changes need to be made, a new design would not be worth even if you create the most attractive one. Along with a beautiful design, the website must solve the purpose of efficiency and usefulness; and in order to achieve this, you need to first analyze the achievements and inadequacies of the existing site. Only then will you know how you need to exactly improve and re-design the site, or else all your efforts, time and money would go down the drain. Let us know in detail how to evaluate the existing design and understand how to improve on the weak points.

What is the purpose of re-designing the existing site?

Creating a new website requires planning and setting future goals in order to achieve success, right? Same is the case with re-designing. Making a site look beautiful and attractive is important but, what is more important is its utility for both – the business owner as well as the visitors. Before starting to re-design the site, the business owner and designer need to sit together to work out a list of all the goals to be achieved. Once a clear list is prepared, it will become easier to work effectively towards achieving the goals. You need to have an answer to questions like – What is the business about? What does it intend to accomplish? Is the main objective to sell the products/services? Does it want to find new clients? You will need to hire the best website re-design services of experienced professionals who can concentrate on the objectives of re-designing your site and work towards achieving them, if you want to have a successful position in your industry.

Do you need to have a complete website makeover?

Re-designing a website may drive new users to the site but, it may also lose the current visitors. Remember that re-designing has a major impact on repeat visitors. This is the reason why it is favourable to keep the look and feel of the website similar and only improve on the utility features, so that the existing users can relate to the new site immediately. However, there might be some cases where re-designing would require a complete makeover of the website and you will have to start from scratch. Unless it is really needed, don’t opt for a complete makeover.

What features need to be highly evaluated?

There are certain features you need to make a check on within the existing site to see which of them need to be altered. These include –

  • Layout – The layout of a website is the most significant thing, divided into two categories – the design and the content. The layout decides how the content will be presented to the visitors and what features would be emphasized the most. So, you need to consider which factors are the most important for the site and re-design it accordingly.
  • Navigation – You have been continually adding new content or pages to your existing site, the result of which being that the visitors are not able to easily find what they are looking for. This is the time when you want to handle the task of sorting out the content efficiently to provide users with easy navigation within the site.
  • Traffic source – Analyze how visitors are landing on the site. Which pages are proving to be the highest entry points for visitors? This will let you know the visitors’ behaviour. Concentrate and improve on those entry pages to drive more traffic to your site.


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