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Understanding Technical SEO Strategically


Technical SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. You know that, which is why you are investing all your time and efforts into it. But, are you getting the results that you are expecting? No, right? Then, you are probably thinking about technical SEO in the wrong way. You need to think about technical SEO in the right way and with the strategic perspective. If you haven’t been doing it right all this while, this blog will help you with it.

Understanding the problem

What is it that is bringing on to your site lesser-than-expected traffic? There are so many technical issues that may have gone wrong on your site that is bringing this difference in traffic. Now, if you look at this as an opportunity that if you keep working on all the technical elements, things may work and bring you the expected results, you are completely wrong. This is not an opportunity, but in fact, a problem. You need to find the technical issues that are hindering the traffic from getting on to your site. Once you find the main problem, you need to break it down into smaller sub-problems, and then even smaller ones, until you get to the problems that are so small that they can be easily solved. Now, how are you going to accomplish this? This is where you will need help from the next section – the approach.

The approach

Generally, when people find a big problem, they break them into three smaller problems, but with each overlapping the other in some or the other aspect. This is where everything gets a little hazy or complicated. Contrary to this situation, you need to break the big problem into smaller parts, where each problem is completely independent from the other. There should be no overlap anywhere.

Various reasons

There could be various reasons that you are not being able to see the traffic on your site that you actually could. These include –

  • Maybe the content isn’t being indexed. This could happen when the URLs are not discoverable by crawlers, or when the XML sitemaps aren’t uploaded to Google Search Console, or any other reason.
  • Maybe the content doesn’t rank well.
  • Maybe the content isn’t being presented well.

Find out the bigger problem and break it down into smaller ones; and in this way, you will have a lot more confidence. It will give you a lot more insight into how long the process should take to work on the problems and resolve them to bring in better traffic, and thus boost conversions. All in all, you will receive better outcomes, no matter what your goal and target are.

To get rid of all the hassles, you may also hire a professional. It could be an SEO or even a PPC Services Company in India who has been working in the field, and has a good experience and a skilled team for the same.


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