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Tweaking Title Tags To Increase Traffic And Rankings


If you are wondering whether title tags are yet important even today in SEO, the answer we will give you is that probably they are. They still do matter even after the innumerous changes that Google SEO has gone through. While some may say that the importance of title tags is decreasing today, there are many other experiments which have proven that changing a title tag to a more appropriate one can increase traffic, and as a result, rankings. So, here are those simple yet effective tweaks, which if you apply to your title tag, can do you wonders!

How can title tags increase traffic and rankings?

Okay, now before we get into the tweaks you can make to increase traffic on your site, we would like to explain to you why and how title tags can actually impact the traffic coming in and the ranking of a site. The simple logic behind this fact is that when you have an attractive and unique title tag, you grab eyeballs. More attention gained by the visitors, more people will click-through into your site; and when there is abundant traffic, Google will consider your site to be important and appropriate, thus blessing you with higher rankings. Simple, right? So now, let’s get back to the main point – How to tweak your title tags to increase traffic and rankings?

Simple tips for tweaking title tags to get better results

  1. Adding numbers

One of the easiest ways to grab attention is by adding a number to your title tag. If you have a list of things, tips, steps, examples, ideas, or anything else, make sure you add the numbers into your title tag. Just consider these two examples –

  • How to decorate your bedroom for cheap?
  • 25 cheap and easy ways to have the best room ever!

Now, which is the sentence that attracts you more? Definitely, the second one. Why? Because it has a number, which tells you that you have 25 ways, which means that lots of options to make your thing work. So now you get it? Adding numbers can help you get higher click-through rates. When visitors are coming onto a SERP, they will see lots of information; so they are trying to look out for unique and specific information; and adding numbers is the best way to give them that! You may also include specific dates into your title tags, if your content approves you of, to make your title tag more precise and eye-catching.

  1. Questions

50% of searches made on the Web are all done for clearing some or the other doubts; thus, being questions. So, if you frame your title tag into a question, the searchers will probably be able to connect with it more. By asking a question, you are creating a curiosity gap, which will give people an incentive to click on the link to find an answer to the question. Thus, you can definitely increase traffic on your page.

  1. Length

This has always been a matter of discussion. How long should your title tag be? There are lots of different kinds of title tags you can see on the Web. Some may be too short containing only a word or two; while there may be others that are so long that they have every possible keyword stuffed in there. There is a problem with both these kinds of title tags. The shorter one will create confusion as to what exactly the content may be about, while the longer one is way too annoying to read. So, what should you do? The best solution is to stick to an average of 50-60 characters; and focus not on including every possible keyword, but only the most important top keyword/keyword phrase.

  1. Call to actions

People generally don’t type in those words that prompt an action. For example, if they want to buy something, they just type in the product’s name; if they want to download an app, they type in only the app’s name; if they want to watch a song’s video, they just type in the song’s name. But, you must understand their intent and include such words in your title tag that prompt an action. So, you need to include action words into your title. A few examples are buy, download, listen, watch, learn, access, etc. All these words are not typed into the search box, but they definitely ass a little something extra that brings excitement and increases click-through rates on a page.

  1. Synonyms

It isn’t necessary that the visitors are thinking just like you. You may be selling one-piece dresses, which may cover a wide range of types, lengths, and fits. But, the visitors may not refer to what they want to buy as a one-piece; they may want to be more specific like a bodycon dress, a maxi dress, an evening gown, or summer dress. Thus, to cater to all these people, you need to adopt certain such synonyms of the words you use too. You need to realize how the major portion of your searchers is thinking, and how they are searching. Accordingly, you can plan up your title tag.

These are only a few simple tips. There is so much more to learn and do. However, remember that these tips are not always responsible for boosting traffic or rankings. They are experimental factors, which may work for one, and not show any significant results for another. So, it isn’t necessary that all these hacks will work for you. You need to find which works for your particular page, and use it in your SEO practices. For this, you could hire professional SEO services in India to get the best aid and advice as to what will work best for you in every aspect of your website.


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