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Tips For Designing Emails That Customers Will Want To Read


Emails are one of the most common ways that companies interact with their customers. Just like designing your website well is important, even designing your emails is an essential task. An email should have such an impact on the users that they must be tempted to click and go through your mail. An email should be designed such that the users make time to read your mail. Here are a few of the elements that are needed for a successful email design.

Use the right words

Very carefully select the words you use for your subject lines, sender name and pre-headers. If they are not appealing, the users might right away mark your email as spam, junk or might even delete it. Thus, make it clear to your users who you are and what you are trying to state. This can be possible by creating the perfect information in the subject line and top few lines of the content. Some ways to do this is by having the sender’s name in huge font, the subject line being clear and the pre-headers attractive.

Less is more

Users do not have time to spend on reading long emails sent by someone they do not know since they keep getting lots of spam and useless mails every day. Hence, make your content short and simple. Readers will scan roughly through your email to see if they find something interesting. If they don’t, your email is going to be deleted. So, split up your text in small pieces rather than long paragraphs. Keep the most attention-grabbing and shorter details at the top and the longer content at the bottom for the interested readers to go through.

Use fewer images

Images are a beautifying element of an email design. But, in many email service providers, inboxes do not load images quickly. This makes the users look at the space as a blank, white space. If at all you want to put in images in your email, don’t rely completely on them to convey your message. Always use text apart from images to make sure that even if the images are not being loaded, there is still content that talks about your products and services.

The whitespace is important

Whitespace is very useful when designing emails. It breaks apart different pieces of information to make it easier for the readers to look out for important details. Whitespace allows readers to focus on the vital information.

Segment your users

Consider segmenting your readers. Don’t send everyone the same thing. Divide your readers into slots by asking a few questions like: When did a customer last buy from you? How often does a customer buy from you? How much do they spend? Is a customer new or a regular one? Accordingly, design your email content for different segments of users. Offer different segments different deals and discounts.

Responsive email design

A majority of people are now checking their emails from their mobile phones. This makes it very necessary for you to create a responsive email design. Your email should also look neat and attractive on mobile screens, or else your email will be right away deleted. But, not all mobiles support responsive email. So, it is suggested that you test your emails on different devices.

Automated emails

Automated emails help you personalize your emails. For example, when a customer signs up with your website, you can create a technique to send him a mail automatically within one hour of his signing up. Automated emails can even be designed to send emails based on your customer’s browsing habits on your website.

Considering the above mentioned points does not guarantee that the readers will respond to your emails but, at least this helps you create a better email design. These essentials will definitely improve your email click rate. If you’re looking for promoting your brand through email marketing, get in touch with Jain Technosoft for their excellent email marketing services that help to reach out to the target audience easily.


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