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Are You SEO Ready For 2018?

It’s December and you just have another few days left to plan for New Years! This is one of the most exciting times of the year when you get to make new resolutions, forget about all the negativity of the past and begin with a fresh new start. But, forgetting all the negativity doesn’t mean forgetting all the mistakes too. It is good not to fret over your mistakes, but it is even better to learn from your mistakes and go ahead by improvising on them. Apart from personal resolutions and personal improvisations, you need to consider your professional make do too. And, when you have a business online, the most important aspect becomes SEO to rank higher and become visible. If you haven’t seen SEO success in 2017, you needn’t worry. It could be because you hadn’t hired experts to help you. But now, you can have a fresh new start in 2018 by hiring professional SEO services in India to take care of all your SEO tasks. And, while you do so, here are a few SEO trends you should consider on your own to boost up your SEO in 2018.

Latest SERP features

Achieving higher ranking and visibility is important for any website only so that it can drive more traffic onto the site for conversions. This means every website is on the lookout for a high volume of traffic. This doesn’t mean only gaining high amounts of traffic, but it also means that you must maintain that traffic for longer. So how can you gain this traffic? By ranking in the top ten blue hypertext links on the first page of SERPs? True. But, this isn’t the only way. Today, we see search results cluttered with images, links, videos, ads, social media mentions, and so much more. You can easily get lost amidst all of this. So, what do you do? Along with keyword optimization, you now need to also consider AdWords, featured snippets, local packs, videos, image packs, reviews, news blocks, and site links.

Page speed

Everyone today lacks patience. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants everything at lightning fast speed. Same goes for websites too. People want websites to load fast and also provide them with the information speedily. They won’t even wait for more than a few seconds. If a web page doesn’t load within 3 to 5 seconds, they are off to abandoning it and checking out another website. This makes page speed one of the most important user experience feature that every website must focus on. To be on the safest side, have your website load within 3 seconds.

Voice search

People are now shifting more towards voice search than typing because it is quicker and more detailed. This means that you will need to go beyond the simple keywords ans focus on the words people will speak rather than what they will write, because people speak differently than they type.


This goes without saying. With the increasing amount of mobile usage everyday, websites that are mobile friendly will be more acceptable by all. In fact, mobile friendliness is now a ranking factor.

Page relevance

Google always wants to provide the best Web experience to its users, for which it offers the best match for user search intent. This means that search engines evaluate the relevancy of the content on a website, and accordingly decide on the ranking of the site on SERPs. To make your website relevant, you can start by researching the content of top ranking websites in your industry and look for similarities between them, and utilize similar terms in your content.

Rich snippets

Snippets include a clickable title, URL, and meta description. But, rich snippets have more condensed titles including reviews and images; and this is what you need to focus upon. This is because search results with properly formatted rich snippets receive more clicks, which in turn increase potential conversions. And, this is what you want, right?


Backlinks are one of the best SEO tactics used since years, and will continue to be so in 2018 as well. You need to work on getting links from outside authoritative sources to bring in search ranking juice.

With these SEO tactics and help from experts providing professional SEO services in India, you are sure to dominate SERPs in the future.


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