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What Is S.M.A.R.T. SEO And How To Achieve It?

SEO is something we can’t afford missing out on if we want our website to rank high on SERPs. Those who realize this always invest in hiring professional SEO services in India. If done correctly and ethically, SEO can bring the best of results, but it is a long-term process which requires patience and time to reap the benefits of the efforts put in. Also, remember that SEO is hard work and requires monitoring from time-to-time, and appropriate adjustments. This means you need to do S.M.A.R.T. SEO. By S.M.A.R.T., we don’t mean only “smart”, but what we precisely mean is “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely” SEO.

Specific SEO

Your SEO goals must be completely specific and up to the point. Vague and subjective goals will lead to nowhere. For example, you may have a goal to rank at #1 for a particular keyword. But, this is a very broad goal. Instead, you need a narrower and more specific goal like getting a particular number of visitors, leads, conversions, and sales. Once you have a specific goal, you must make sure that everyone on your SEO team is aware of it to ensure better working and collaboration towards achieving the goal.

Measurable SEO

If you have a goal but can’t measure it – its success or failure – it is of no use. This is why along with specific goals, you need to be sure that your have measurable goals too. For example, if getting traffic is your goal, you must be able to measure the amount of traffic you got, the time that had the most traffic, the reason that brought in so much traffic, and the kind of traffic you got. With such analytics, you can improve on your goal to achieve much better goals in the future.

Achievable SEO

Getting the number 1 position of SERPs is a great deal, but staying there for longer is even more important. You can’t just say that you are ranking at the top, and that your job is done. Everyday millions of people are trying to grab that place, and you need to maintain your position above them. So, ranking number 1 does not make it an achievable goal for you. To have an achievable goal, you need to check if you have the resources to hit your goals, you understand how your goals will impact your business, and you are ready to deal with the upcoming results (like increased traffic). Unless you know the impact and are prepared to face it, your goals can never be achievable.

Realistic SEO

Your goal should be challenging, yet at the same time in the realm of possibility. You should have the resources to accomplish your set goal, because if you don’t, you will end up with failure, frustration, and wastage of time and resources in the end.

Timely SEO

Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and we all know that. This makes it crucial for one to stay up-to-date with these changes. Although there is no particular time frame for a goal to be achieved and SEO success to be seen, but setting up a possible timeframe will help. Or else, by the time you set up, monitor, and maintain your SEO, the algorithms will have changed, and you will have to start from scratch again.

With such S.M.A.R.T. goals and SEO, you can definitely formulate a winning SEO strategy that will boost up the end results of your business. However, the best way to build up an excellent and “SMART” SEO strategy is by hiring expert SEO services in India.


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