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The Hottest Digital Advertising Trends For 2018!


Digital advertising, marketing, SEO, and every other Web design and development trends are constantly changing every year to make the internet the best place to find information and stay connected. This is why we see professional Web developers, Web designers, marketers, and SEO services in India being hired and relied upon so vastly. So, what has the year 2018 brought along? Here are some of the most important digital advertising trends that you must follow this year is you are willing to achieve visibility and success.

Customer journey mapping

The digital advertising complexity level has highly increased with time. This is why customer journey mapping for different personas is increasing in importance so that the most relevant communications and experiences can be defined. This means that thinking from the customer’s viewpoint is very important through all potential touchpoints across paid, owned, and earned media.


Website personalization within transactional eCommerce sectors has been widely used and will continue to be used this year too. Lower cost options with different types of solutions need to be made available. There are many forms of Web personalization available ranging from those integrated into content or commerce management systems to those integrated into analytics or SaaS personalization options.

Machine learning

In spite of the wide use of email and marketing automation systems, it isn’t easy to manage putting in place a complete lifecycle contact system. Email marketing automation requires artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate targeting like for Web personalization. And, you need to be ready for AI and machine learning within email marketing to set up fundamental triggered automation features first.

Contextual targeting

It is going to be more and more complicated for ad tech vendors to track user behaviour with the help of cookies. Audience targeting strategies will be gradually replaced by contextual targeting strategies. Moreover, it will be compulsory for advertisers to understand what each page context is about for targeting purposes.

Native advertising

By implementing native advertising into your digital marketing strategy, you can enhance market research and improve overall engagement. Engaging with your target audience through their native language and proprietary tools increases the opportunity to expand viral sharing, thus developing a better and stronger relationship with your target market.

Video marketing

Video marketing has been on the rise since 2017, and will continue to rise in 2018 too. This has resulted in the dominance of the most popular video marketing channel – YouTube. This platform is running neck to neck with Google now, which shows how important video marketing is.

Targeted purposeful ads

We have been seeing how the attention span of users is significantly decreasing over time. With this lowest attention span, they are also being served with hundreds and thousands of ads every day. This is why you must be able to create more targeted purposeful ads with a specific goal and goal conversion place in mind, if you want to stand out and stay remembered in the minds of your audience for longer.


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