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Is SEO More Important That Web Design Or Vice Versa?


Majorly when someone is designing a new website, they always lean towards making a beautiful and attractive site that can invite and fascinate visitors. What they fail to understand is that if the website is not shown in SERPs in the first place, there is no point in investing time, money, and efforts into the designing part. If your website is not going to be visible, who will come to visit you? So, what does that mean? It means that along with designing, you need to focus your time and efforts on your site’s SEO. In fact, you can hire professional SEO services in India who can take care of the most important SEO elements, ensuring that your site is ready for search engines; some of the most unavoidable elements mentioned below.

Updated content

Google always loves fresh relevant content. So, give it the same so that it notices and values you more than others in your field. Set up a segment where you can consistently put up the most recent news or products/services. Hire professionals to keep coming up with new content for your site on a regular basis. Also, eliminate or update the content on your site that has been dead for quite a long time.

Image SEO

As much as optimized content is important, so are the visual elements. Any site without a few images looks dull and boring, which is why you must have some relevant images on your site. But, make sure those images are well-optimized. First of all, resize your pictures so that they fit into their space well without looking too big or small, and don’t affect page loading speed. Also, the quality of your images should be just perfect. You must have clear images on your pages. Further, add an alt-tag to each image on your site to have the search engine know what the image is about, as search engine bots cannot read images. You can put in the right keywords to match the terms that your visitors use to bring you a level higher in the eyes of Google.

Page loading speed

With the world becoming so impatient, it is important that you have a fast loading website. In fact, if your page doesn’t load in the first 3-4 seconds, you van be sure that your visitors will abandon your site and go elsewhere. You can see how Google now shows AMP pages at the top of SERPs with a lightning bolt sign.


We all know that mobile searches are outdoing desktop searches now. Even the smallest of confusions and doubts, you can see people bringing out their smartphones and browsing Google. Doesn’t this make it critical for you to make your website mobile-friendly? You could either have two separate desktop and mobile websites or create a single responsive site.

Optimized URLs

URLs play a very important role to tell the search engine as well as users what your page is about. Have search-friendly page names and URLs. Those having random numbers and symbols are a complete waste, as they are not going to connect with either the search engines or visitors. Instead, edit your URL to make it more readable and understandable, so that visitors know what to expect when they land on your page.

These are small and easy SEO tips that you can follow and see the great difference they can make to your site’s ranking and conversions!


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