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Reducing Bounce Rate – 5 Smart Tips


When you’re experiencing a significantly high bounce rate on your website, it’s essential that you address it as soon as you can, and take steps to increase customer satisfaction, so that engagement increases and so does your traffic, thus boosting your ranking on SERPs. And, here are 5 smart tips that can help.

Improve your website speed

We all know how we humans are getting too impatient. Today, we want everything done in a jiffy, without having to wait too long. Whether we want to find a piece of information online, whether we want to place an order on an eCommerce store, whether we want food delivered, or whether we just want to browse through something – we want everything to go smooth and fast. Any sort of waiting makes us go mad. And, this is why improving your website speed is a priority. Nobody would like to wait long for your page to load, even if you are a recognized brand; visitors will just go somewhere else looking for the stuff, rather than waiting for your page to load. Hence, slow website speed is a major reason that can increase bounce rate, and thus affect the reputation of your brand. Check if your website or certain pages are taking too long to load, and work on them. Eliminate any kind of activity that is making the website slow to load; optimize your images for faster loading; implement CSS; and do every possible job that can help your website load faster.

Make your CTAs “smart”

Call-To-Action Buttons, or CTAs, are an integral element of every website, that cannot be missed out on. There is a significant impact that a CTA can have on the minds of the visitors, prompting them to take the required action on the site, whether to buy, fill a form, subscribe, download, or do anything else. But, it serves a better purpose if your CTA is “smart”. What we mean by smart is that your CTA should be such that it includes your ranking keyword. This way, it becomes psychologically 100 times more powerful than a random CTA.

Add different kinds of media

A long piece of content, or chunks of plain text can make it boring for the visitors to go through, even if the information is correct, appropriate, relevant, and educating. On the other hand, adding different kinds of media like images, infographics, graphs, pie charts, and videos to the same piece of content can increase interest. It makes the page look livelier, giving the visitors’ eyes interest with the different colours and drawings. But, when you do so, you need to make sure that the media you are incorporating, should be relevant and support the content you have on your page. Doing so can increase interest, thus increasing time on site and user engagement.

Satisfy every possible intent

Every visitor coming to your website has one or the other intention in their mind. Someone may be browsing for a particular product you sell, another might be looking for your product reviews by other customers, and a third might be looking to compare various products of a particular segment. There could be multiple intents; how would you know which one a particular visitor holds? This is why it is fundamental that you satisfy every possible intent so as to increase engagement, and thus reduce bounce rate. And for this, there are various steps that you may take; for instance, you may do a deep competitive analysis, answer as many relative questions as possible, and link to related content.

Make site search simple

Make browsing through your site and searching for something easy for the visitors. This means that you should have an easy and appealing layout, with easy navigation. Providing an easy way through the website to reach the visitor’s preferred destination can keep them from bouncing away from yours and towards other websites. And, when they don’t bounce, they remain on your site for longer, thus increasing time on site, which is a good indication about your reputation in the eyes of Google.

With these 5 smart tips, you can certainly boost up the interest and engagement levels of your visitors, thus reducing bounce rate for your site. And, for even better results, you can hire professional SEO experts in India, to help you every step of the way to optimize every single element of your site for better results!


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