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Why Do Paid Ads Fail And How To Fight Against It?


We generally see new businesses pouring out a good amount of money into a paid ad campaign only to gain exposure and bring their products/services out to a larger set of audience. But, in the process, they actually fail! Let us see why this happens and how we can prevent it from happening, or rather what we should be doing instead. You could either try to understand why paid ads fail, and work upon it as this blog says, or you could simply hire experienced SEO services in India and let the professionals optimize your website to bring in links organically.

How does the paid ad cycle work?

A new business or a business with a new product may think about spreading the word about their product/service to a larger set of audience, which is why they may think about speaking to their marketer. This marketer could be an agency, a contractor, or an in-house person, who would then think about buying some ads online to gain traffic and conversions. After a few months of doing so, you have bad news because your ad campaign is not working like you expected it to! So, why does this happen!?

Why doesn’t the campaign work?

When a company wants to gain exposure and drive visitors to their website to gain conversions, it starts buying Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, and Instagram ads. It also probably uses AdWords or the Google Display Network because these sources drive traffic to a Web page and then turn them into conversions to help businesses make money. But, with this process, a high cost-per-click is gained because it is a new campaign and none of the platforms have experience with it. And, until and unless you prove that you will get high engagement, you will have to bear the higher-than-normal cost-per-click. But, when you get lower engagement, lower click-through-rates, and lower conversions, it’s all a mess!

But, why does this happen? It is because when your engagement level is low and no one clicks on your AdWords ad or display ads, the cost to gain wider exposure rises, making the campaign harder to make profitable, and thus being shown to very few people. This makes your exposure smaller and costs higher. The main reasons for this could be because the audience you are trying to reach out to hasn’t heard of you before, or they don’t trust you yet. Until your audience knows and trusts you, you can’t expect them to perform all those engagement things like clicking and converting. This is the reason your campaign suffers and struggles.

Is there a solution?

Every problem has a solution. And, the good news is that this problem has a solution too! But, it isn’t easy. You can choose from two available solutions.

  • One is that you have to get known to your audience before pouring money into advertising. This means that you have to invest in organic channels like content, SEO, PR, events, and sponsorships that can get your brand name exposed to your audience.
  • Another option is that you advertise exclusively to an audience that already has an experience with you. This can be done through retargeting and remarketing. You can do this through Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. Target people who follow your accounts. This will help you gain better CTR, engagement, and conversions, leading to lower cost-per-clicks.


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