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Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website


Just like eCommerce had boomed a few years back, mCommerce is becoming the latest sensation in the online buying-selling community today. More and more customers are purchasing for their favourite stuff on mobiles, which is why more and more sellers are realizing the importance of going mobile. To attract a huge amount of sales, it is very important to have a smartphone presence. This will help to reach an extended number of customers, along with enhancing your visibility. In fact, even Google considers smartphone compatibility to be one of the ranking factors to rank sites on its results pages. This makes it a must for one to opt for mobile optimization if looking for sales. So, how can you go the mCommerce route? Should you opt for a responsive website, or an entirely mobile optimized website, or a mobile app? This is a big question to find an answer to. If you opt for having both a mobile-friendly website as well as an app, there can be nothing better. But, if you want to make a choice between the two due to financial or time limitations, you will need some help, either by hiring a qualified internet marketing company in India, or by going through this blog.

Responsive website

Responsive websites automatically reposition their content to suit the screen size of the device they are being viewed on. This means there is no need of setting up different websites for desktops, mobiles, tablets, and other devices. The best part about having a responsive website is that only a single site will need to be maintained, meaning lesser efforts, lesser time, and lesser money put in. Moreover, a single URL translates into reduced loading time. However, the responsive website technique uses advanced technologies, which means that outdated devices may not be able to benefit from your website. Additionally, those who view your website across different devices may be confused with different views, thus likely leading to negative impact on conversions.

Mobile optimized website

A mobile optimized website is specially designed to run seamlessly on mobile devices. Keeping in mind various factors like small screen size, touch interaction, limited connection speed, and more, a website is optimized. Such a mobile optimized website loads at a remarkable speed, and is immediately accessible through the browser without any requirement for downloading or installing; thus proving to provide an enhanced user experience. Also, this option is much reasonably priced as compared to the other two alternatives, and is likely to rank better in local search results. However, along with all these advantages also come some drawbacks. There needs to be extra SEO efforts put in, and website maintenance of such sites becomes difficult as you have to look after both your desktop and mobile website (that is if you have a desktop website too). Also, you must keep in mind that mobile optimization will not necessarily make your website universally compatible, as it may not work equally well on various devices.

Mobile app

A mobile app is a specially designed application that can run your eCommerce store on smartphones after the users has downloaded and installed your app on their phones. Mobile apps use features like touch navigation, GPS, camera, etc., thus offering great flexibility and an excellent on-the-go experience for users. In fact, users can even access your mobile app without an internet connection using the offline mode. Nonetheless, mobile app development is a complex and expensive task as separate apps need to be created for different operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, etc. Moreover, every update for the app needs to be submitted to the app store for approval, thus creating a botherance for the developer.

Now, after learning about all the three options in detail, which is your pick? Compare all the pros and cons of each, and choose wisely, keeping your business goals, industry trends, and budget in mind. If you are unable to make a choice, you can hire a qualified internet marketing company in India, who will not only help you decide upon the best platform, but will also help you in every step right from development to promotion.


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