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Importance Of Mobile Optimized Website For Your Business



Today having a website which is optimized for mobile phones is not a choice but a requirement for your business. In order to stay in the competition with your peers it is necessary that you provide the visitors with easy access to your site on various devices. And mobile phones are one of the most important devices which you need to focus on. Even Google is continuously encouraging the building of mobile-friendly websites. This shows how crucial it is for your business to have mobile optimized websites.

It is usually seen that around 50% of crowd use their mobile devices to surf the internet, but only 21% of all the websites are mobile-friendly. This shows that there is a need to give preference to developing websites which are optimized for mobile devices. Statistics also show that around 67% of people are more likely to shop from mobile optimized site. This is a huge figure, something which you surely cannot ignore without hurting your business. Thus responsive website design is the rule of the day. So not only should you get your present website design optimized for mobile phones, but in fact all your new websites should be designed with mobile phones in mind. Being the leading website designers in India, we bring you a better picture of each type of mobile website optimization.

There are basically two types of mobile website design. The first one consists of an original website as well as sub domain, which is devoted for the mobile version. This mobile website is a sub domain, which is usually completely different from the original/ main website. Though this sub domain is specifically for the mobile devices, it does provide the user with a link through which they can use the regular site instead of the mobile version. The drawbacks for this kind of design is that it leads to multiple URLs, duplicate content as well as the user has to regularly update both the mobile as well as the regular version of the site.

The second type of mobile website design consists of several CSS files or only one file which provides multiple options for screen size. In this case, it is the server which determines as to which device is being used and thereby pulls out the particular CSS for a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. Though this kind of web design requires a little more work than the first type of design, it is a far better way to get mobile optimized website design for your website.

The major advantages of mobile optimized web design are:

  • More user friendly
  • Has only one URL
  • Easy to maintain
  • Visually more attractive

Once you switch to a more user friendly mobile optimized design your business will see:

  • An increase in website traffic
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Decrease in the bounce rate
  • Better brand engagement

Thus the importance of mobile optimized site is only increasing each day. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you switch to responsive web design so that your business gains popularity and reaps benefits.


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