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How To Use Organic Search As An Invaluable Business Intelligence Tool?


Businesses across the world have had to make substantial changes in the way they work and do business to put up with the new normal after the pandemic. Moreover, with the changing scenarios, customer needs and concerns are also changing, and they have to adapt to that too. Businesses thus need to know first what the customers want as of now in changing times, and how the environment around is impacting their intentions. Then, based on this, they will have to reimagine how they can gain the market faster and more accurately in these new environments.

The challenge is to turn search results into macro trends that can serve as an input into broader marketing and omnichannel strategies. Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and trending billions of searches, search data and business intelligence need to be united, because when organized and positioned correctly, search represents the most accurate and agile representation of consumer behaviour. There are three main aspects of macro consumer behaviour that search data can help an organization uncover.

Aspect 1 – Who is changing the purchase and discovery patterns?

When you’re selling hundreds and thousands of products online, you need to understand the trends that are emerging across all your categories, and across the customers looking for your products. Then, you need to be able to identify a few important things like the product attributes that are becoming more important, whether they are becoming more price-sensitive, whether they have strong brand preferences that inform purchase, etc. Based on this information, you should be able to make a product strategy for the inventory that needs to be prioritized, help marketing teams understand where price sensitivity is on the rise, and inform branding teams on how consumer brand preferences are changing drastically. After all, with more than 75% shoppers doing a thorough search before making a purchase online, your search data should be the perfect consumer measurement.

Aspect 2 – What opportunities are available?

Granular search data reveals a lot about what consumers are concerned with, and how they think. Combining such granular data into meaningful macro trends can help your business determine what represents an actual trending change in consumer preferences, thus helping to focus on the emerging trends, and avoid costly investments, chasing the wrong ones. With the amalgamation, you can also identify the new emerging behaviours that your brand needs to win, and how macro trends are impacting existing sales. Identifying all of this can help you observe a market that is fresh and reactive to current events and conditions, which in turn will help you make strategic omnichannel decisions faster, and determine the opportunities that are significant enough to warrant a coordinated omnichannel approach.

Aspect 3 – How can these opportunities be realized?

In order to realize the above opportunities, you need to coordinate content and build omnichannel strategies. Google uses powerful search algorithms to receive trillions of results, reflecting on what consumers really want. With real-time search results, you can prioritize the pain points that are being expressed with search behaviour, determine the content that is resonating with consumers across multiple screens, and identify the formats and content delivery methods that align to how consumers prefer to engage. You can thus build your macro communication strategies across channels and address new consumer trends.

Think of search as both a channel and real-time audience listening platform, and scale the insights across your business to be able to make accurate decisions. However, if this is too much for you, you can always hire the best SEO services in India to help you.


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