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How To Promote Old Posts In WordPress?


One of the most effective ways to get more traffic on your website is by promoting your old posts at regular intervals. Here are some of the best ways in which you can promote your old posts in WordPress:

Showcase your popular posts

It is a very common fact that 80% of the traffic on your website comes from 20% of your website. This is because some of the articles are so popular among visitors. So make most of the popularity of these articles and showcase them on your website. Visitors usually prefer reading popular posts on any website and by displaying the most read posts there are greater chances that visitors will explore the other sections of your website as well.

Display related posts on your Blog

One of the best ways to engage visitors on your website is by showcasing related posts on your blog. Most popular websites do this, and thus this surely is one of the best ways to use your old posts.

You can also share the hyperlink of related old posts within your blog, making it easier for the readers to explore them.

Share your old posts on social media at regular intervals

We all know that social media is the best platform to share and popularize your posts. Therefore it is advised that you share your old posts on these platforms. This way they are sure to get more readerships and your website will see better traffic.

Customize your Archives Section

By customizing your archives section, you can easily display your old yet relevant content to the visitors on your website. This can be done by showcasing the most popular articles, most commented posts as well as the recent posts. Along with this you can also include a search form, so that it is easier for visitors to not only find the content they are looking for but also understand your blogs and work in a much better manner.

Improved 404 Pages

A 404 page is displayed when a page the visitor is looking for cannot be found. Usually the WordPress themes come with default 404 template. You can improvise on this page by showcasing important content of your website, and thereby using the 404 page as an opportunity to keep the visitors engaged. Also you can add related posts to the 404 page, thereby making the best use of your old posts.

Link Old Posts in Comment Section

This is perhaps the most efficient way of using the old posts. There are several times when the readers/ visitors have couple of doubts and queries which can be easily addressed through your old posts. By linking the old posts in the comment section not only are you helping them understand things in a better manner, but you are also making the best use of your old posts.

Along with these steps, you can always use WordPress Plugins like ‘Mentionable’, ‘Revive Old Post’, ‘WordPress Popular Post Widget’ etc. to promote your old posts in an efficient manner.


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