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How To Have eCommerce Homepages That Convert?

how-to-have-ecommerce-homepages-that-convertHave an eCommerce website? Have you been able to build brand recognition? If you have a great client base and a good business value coming from them, you need not worry. But, if you are one of those looking to build your name in the market and striving to bring in customers to your site, it is the homepage you need to focus a lot on. This does not mean that the other pages don’t hold value. Every page of an eCommerce site is valuable as it is built for the purpose of making sales, but the homepage is where new visitors may land, who may have seen your ad somewhere or heard about you from elsewhere, without being familiar with your brand. For such prospects, you need to have a homepage that attracts and impresses them to an extent that they are compelled to visit your other pages. If you want an eCommerce site built or rebuilt for your brand, you can get in touch with the most professional company that offers the finest eCommerce Web Development in India, or you can follow the below mentioned tactics on your own.

Strike a positive first impression

You know that ‘first impression is the last impression’. The same goes for your eCommerce site too. When visitors land on your homepage, it is what they see there that helps them decide whether your site is something they will want to look further into or not. And, to create a positive impression, you have only milliseconds! The main area of attraction is that which is seen above the fold, which acts like a window to your store, where visitors can peek in to decide what you are about. Make sure to keep it simple and uncluttered. Keep the content attractive, yet to the minimum, and also provide a prominent and eye-catching call-to-action.

Make it great for window shoppers

Just like when you go window shopping to the mall, one or the other shop will tempt you to go inside and have a broader look; you must create the same feel with your eCommerce homepage. Showcase your new or best-selling items on your homepage every now and then. Show up with the offers on the favourite brands available. Also put up promotional offers on new products. You will definitely see a powerful rise in click-through rates.

Show up your qualities and customer benefits

Attract a large number of audiences by showing up your qualities and best services right on your homepage. These may include free shipping, return policies, round-the-clock customer care, etc. You must also provide offers and information that the customers find beneficial, so that they are tempted to buy from you. These can include available discounts, EMI options, cash-on-delivery, etc. All this will have customers thinking positively about you.

Ease the shopping journey

You need to make the shopping journey short and simple for your customers. Provide categories right on your homepage above the fold to help them land on the page of products they are looking for. Many shoppers are loyal towards specific brands, and want to shop only for those. Provide them a search to include brands, so that they can land on the page of only their selected brands and nothing else.

Have faster loading pages

Your eCommerce site may be having hundreds or thousands of images of the products you have to offer. So many images will make your site slow to load. However, you need to optimize these images to have a faster loading speed. Also, the images you have on your homepage should be optimized so that it loads faster, and has reduced bounce rates. A faster loading site will also improve your SEO. So, compress the images to reduce their size, without distorting their quality.

Have mobile-friendly pages

Having a responsive or mobile-friendly site is a must today to attract a large set of audience who browse and shop with their smartphones. But, ascertain that your mobile-friendly site is not simply a pared-down version of your desktop site. You need to optimize it in a way that it caters to mobile-specific users based on the most common navigation and shopping paths.


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