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How Important Is Blogging For SEO Results?

How-Important-Is-Blogging-For-SEO-ResultsBlogging is a great way of providing free information to customers and the best way to do content marketing. A well-known Seattle based entrepreneur and analytics expert – Neil Patel says, “Companies with blogs typically receive 97% more leads than companies without blogs.” This is because blogs bring a human side to a website and the organization. Here are a few quick tips on how you can use blogging for SEO.

Quality – Not quantity

Quality here means authority and trust, which is what search engine bots are looking for in sites. These bots want to be sure that your site knows what it’s talking about. They want other sites, social media influencers and businesses in your niche to agree to what you are delivering on your site. But, how will this happen? This will occur when others in your field share and like your content. This will help search engines take notice of you and ensure them that your content is relevant and genuine.

Other than this, quality also relates to your bounce rate, language used and duplicacy. If you have visitors leaving your page without staying long enough to read your blog, it leads to higher bounce rate and thus, lower interest from search engines. You need to use intermediate language in your blogs. If you use elementary school language or inappropriate language, Google will be able to find out. Neither do you need to use advanced level language for your blogs that users don’t seem to understand. Keep it simple and sophisticated. Avoid any kind of duplicate or repetitive content on your site. Duplicacy leads to penalty. Keep your content original. In short, don’t worry about how much you write; keep a check on ‘what’ you write.

Fresh content

Freshness is considered when Google analyzes your page. Freshness of your content is calculated from the date it was first discovered by bots or the date when it was last updated to grab attention. Your content needs to be fresh. Keep creating new content once in a while or rebuilding your existing content in an innovative manner. Incorporate new infographics, podcasts, videos, news updates and more in your blogs to keep them fresh.

Quality links

Google crawlers are definitely going to take notice if your site gains multiple good quality links from remarkable customers or businesses. But remember, getting multiple links is not enough. Google analyzes where the links are coming from and whether they are genuine or not. So, don’t ever think of buying or exchanging links because if Google finds out, you are in for a big penalty and you lose out on all that you have – right away! Instead, build genuine links by guest posting on high authority sites in your niche. Build quality relationships with trusted webmasters. They will certainly help you. And, if you need better assistance to help build quality links on your site, you can get in touch with a company that provides top SEO link building services, who will take up the responsibility of taking the most appropriate steps to help bring high-quality sites to your site.

Use WordPress

SEO guru and chief spam buster at Google – Matt Cutts has confirmed that he uses WordPress and considers it as the best platform for optimized blogging. WordPress is considered as the best platform because it is easy; it is free and handles SEO proficiently by solving 80-90% of SEO problems.

WordPress also has a permalink setting which lets you set a Post Name while you write a blog. So, instead of an alphanumeric string in your URL, you have a very descriptive and understandable one, which not only helps users know what the page is about but also helps Google robots to analyze the same. WordPress, with its endless number of premium themes, helps you have a beautiful and attractive blog. With just a few clicks, you can have one of the most fantastic-looking blog.

Bear in mind that blogging won’t get you to the top overnight, not even if you use the above mentioned tips. It is a time taking process and will need a long-term strategy to build trust and value. Don’t expect any shortcuts to work. Your blog needs to provide value to the readers. Only then can you achieve more visibility and higher ranking.


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