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Facebook Or Google – Which Should You Choose For Remarketing?


The whole idea of remarketing is to give advertisers a second chance to bring someone who has visited their site, but not bought anything, to their site for purchasing again. Google and Facebook are two most important platforms that one can use for remarketing their brand; Google being the biggest search engine, and Facebook being the most popular social media platform. But, when it comes to deciding between the two, the decision-making process can be difficult. However, with the below mentioned tips in hand, you can have an uncomplicated decision-making process. Also, an experienced digital marketing company in India can help decide upon which kind of marketing strategy on which platform will be the best for you.

Why didn’t your brand work for your visitors the first time?

It is very important to understand what caused the visitors to leave your site without making a purchase the very first time. Was it because of some fault of yours, or was it simply the visitor’s choice for no flaw on your part. There may be various reasons the visitors left without making a purchase. It could be because your website is dated, dull, boring, or not functional. Or, it could be because your landing page was not targeted at them. And, another reason could be because they were just window shoppers and did not have the means of purchasing while visiting your site. In any case, if you remarket effectively, and remind your visitors of your brand or the products they viewed on your site but did not purchase, there is a chance they may come up to you for making a purchase. This means that you need to spend a considerable amount of time and efforts to create your remarketing ads, possibly even more than your original campaign!

What type of audience does your brand target?

Every brand or every product targets a particular type of audience; for example, T-shirts with printed cartoons target the school going kids and college going teens. While, there are other products that target different sets of audiences; for example, an iPhone can target a teen, a working professional, as well as a retired. So, it is important to think about what type of audience your brand or product targets, which is the first step to decide upon whether Google or Facebook will be fruitful to you. Both these platforms offer different options. Google helps you combine different audiences, while Facebook targets a far more specific set of group, where potential customers are more likely to engage with you.

What are you trying to sell?

As mentioned above, both platforms target different sets of people. Similarly, both platforms offer different tools to market different types of products and services. You must understand how your ads will be shown to your customer on each platform. Google remarketing will display ads across a wide network of services from YouTube to Android and millions of external sites. On the other hand, Facebook is limited to social networking sites; but this is where people spend hours every day interacting with others, thus proving to be a far more engrossing experience. Whichever you choose between the two, remember that Facebook requires a much more subtle remarketing campaign than Google.

What type of ad format are you going to use?

Google remarketing lets you use a variety of formats like banner ads on placement sites, and videos shown on YouTube. So, if flexibility is what you are looking for, then Google is the right choice. Google also helps make ads customizable to drive more conversions. Conversely, Facebook is more rigid because it is a much more private space as compared to Google. You must understand the format of ads are more effective with some demographics and attributes than others, which is why you must know how your ad format will be received by your target audience.

With the functions and cost of marketing constantly changing, it is difficult to decide upon which platform you must opt for. But, once you know how each platform performs, and focus on what you know works, know what you are selling, and where your target customers are most likely to engage, the decision becomes easier. No matter which platform you choose, a professional digital marketing company in India can help you market your brand, products, and services effectively on any kind of platform by using the right strategies and tactics.


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