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How To Develop Content That Works For Both Readers And SEO?


SEO and content can cordially work together to help you develop something that is engaging and visible. However, writers are always having a tough time balancing their content creativity with SEO. The problem is that eye-catchy content is not always in tune with the technical considerations of SEO. To break off from this dilemma, there are certain things you need to know and understand about the relation between content creation and SEO.

Content should be natural as well as optimized

We all know that the content you put up should be valuable and naturally flowing. You need to come up with good quality content that provides value to the readers, and also includes enough keywords for search engines to get their eyes on. However, this does not mean stuffing your content with lots and lots of keywords. There is no doubt that your content should be SEO optimized, but it should also be well-researched and well-thought out. Don’t worry too much about ensuring that your content isn’t overly optimized for SEO. Stop adding sentences into your content if you are only doing so for sounding natural or for boosting SEO. If your sentences are not significant or valuable, don’t include them into your content. Worrying about sounding natural or optimizing for SEO will hinder you from creating substantial and genuine content for your readers.

Content should be organized

Storytelling involves a series of information that starts off with something interesting to captivate the readers, and then a natural buildup of series to create an increasingly dramatic narration. But, when it comes to analyzing content from the SEO viewpoint, it is crucial that the most important content should come first. SEO requires the best content to appear at the top because search engines believe that what comes earlier in the content is of utmost importance. So, you need to know when you need to story-tell and when you need to be bland so that you can have the right mix of the love of your readers as well as search engines.

Headers should be mysterious as well as informative

Writing eye-catchy headers can grab the attention of your readers. ‘Eye-catchy’ here does not mean headers that speak about what the upcoming section is about. Eye-catchy is one that makes your readers want to read the upcoming section to learn what could possibly be written under the attractive headline. Such headers will definitely be admired by your readers, but what about search engines!? If search engines don’t find your headers prominent that speak about your content, your ranking will go low, thus reducing the number of people coming to your page. So, what do you do then? The easy way out is to let some headers be able to captivate the readers, while letting others being right to the point so as to boost SEO.

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