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Delivering JSON-LD Recommendations In A Structured Manner


When working with websites having hundreds and thousands of pages, it is a challenging task to add markup. And, when you wish to JSON-LD on all the pages, you can just imagine how daunting that may be! Well, but if you really have to, here are some recommendations that can help deliver JSON-LD recommendations in a structured and straightforward way. JSON-LD means encoding Linked Data using JSON, an open-standard file format that uses human readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs and array data types.

  • List down all the page templates

You must first list down all the templates on the site. Getting down to one section at a time, to give recommendations for each section one-by-one is a wise decision. The templates here may include product pages, category pages, blog pages, etc. You need to recommend JSON-LD for each template.

  • Mark up one template at a time

Choose any one template from the lot, go through it, and note down anything you think can be marked up. For example, on a product page, there is an image of the product, the product’s price, the URL, breadcrumbs, reviews, etc. Just make a list of each one that needs markup.

  • Convert into JSON-LD

Now, convert each note into JSON-LD. Then, you need to validate it with the schema testing tool, and then paste into doc. To convert each note into actual JSON-LD, you can open up the page or URL from the template. Then, open up schema.org and other competitor sites that are similar. Copy the Offer-type markup on scehma.org and copy that into the schema testing tool to validate that it actually works. Then, move on further down the list. Once you are done, you have all the JSON-LD and the core elements to move to the next step.

  • Check with the point-of-contact/developer

If it is a huge site, you definitely need to make some checks to determine that everything is right. You can check the first page and then move on to other simultaneous pages only if everything is tested and conformed.

With these four steps, if you think everything is working out just fine, repeat the procedure for all of the other templates. With such repetitive procedures, you can easily recommend delivering JSON-LD to all the templates of all categories. So, note down what can be marked up; transfer the notes into JSON-LD, and then use the structured data validating tool. In this way, you can break down complex things into simpler ones that make sense, and help you focus better. So, that’s it! It has worked for many. Just implement the procedure and see if the same works for you too. And, if it does, you can continue using this procedure forever and ever!

You may do this on your own, or hire a professional SEO company in India to help you. With such a hire, there is so much more than you can have taken care of!


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