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How To Build A Successful Image Link Building Strategy?


Just like link building, image link building is important, but it is distinct from the traditional link building and its tactics. Having a successful image link building strategy requires the right tools, creativity, and assistance from professional SEO services in India. Here is how you can successfully build links through images, that is, have a perfect image link building strategy.

Identify your link targets

Which platforms or websites would you like to get links from? First and foremost, identify these, and then discover the top pages the current top pages for those sites and platforms. This can be done through tools like SEMrush, SimilarWeb, and Open Site Explorer. Next, you must start to dig into old popular images and work on updating them. These images can be found out through BuzzSumo’s infographics filter, where you enter the topic or industry you are trying to address and then search by infographics to see if you can find anything. Apart from finding old images to update, you can also find popular content that you can convert into images, and then leverage that across different platforms for link building.

Do a keyword research

You need to understand the intent behind people searching about the topic or product. This can be done by evaluating keywords with link intent; the idea being to find something that people are trying to link to. Also, you must find out if any of your keywords and images have good search volume; and the current ranking of your images.

Provide value

Now you know your current scenario and you have also identified where you want links from. So now, the next step is to provide value. And, this can be done through references, bookmarks, print outs, or by curating images.


Optimization is something that is required in every aspect of online ranking, which is why SEO services in India are always looked to for assistance. And, this is what you require for your image link building too. Some of the most important elements you need to optimize include –

Title – The title of your images should have your keywords, and must explain what you are trying to convey.

Alt text – Search engines can’t read images; and if it takes time to load an image, people will get impatient to know what the image is about. So, provide an alt text that helps search engines and people to read what the image is actually about. Remember to include an alt text in a descriptive way.

Compression – Page speed is of utmost importance today. To acquire high page speed, you will need to compress huge sized images. And, you can do this through tools like Optimizilla, where you can upload a bunch of large images and then bulk download.

These are just some of the tactics that can help you with a successful image link building strategy. But, for further better results, you can seek the help of professional SEO services in India, who have the experience and skills of both traditional and image link building.


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