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AI and SEO 2021: 6 Ways to Use AI SEO to Higher Website Rankings


The internet has become an easy way for everyone to turn to, whether it is to search for a product, or to find answers for their doubts, or anything else. But, whatever the reason for being online, users generally visit only the first few links that search engines show on their first page. Majority of users believe that only the first 3-5 links should be enough to answer their questions, after which they don’t bother to go further down the list to search for more. Thus, failure to rank high on SERPs means missing out on a large chunk of traffic, which means far less revenue than you could make.

It’s obvious that you’d be coming up with SEO strategies to up your game. For a long time, only basic SEO strategies were enough. But, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over the world, you need to scale up and kick up your SEO strategies a notch.

What is AI?

Before getting into how you can modify your SEO strategies to gain ground, let’s help you understand what exactly AI is. AI is an umbrella term that covers several different technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more. It has one principal goal, which is to perform cognitive tasks better and faster than humans. This technology, designed to make things easier online, has proven to bring about an effective increase in revenue for businesses.

What is AI SEO?

AI has become an essential component of major search engine algorithms, including Google’s RankBrain and BERT. Moreover, AI is also an excellent tool for data analysis, which is a very important part of designing an effective SEO strategy. AI and SEO are thus a perfect match, and with an AI-powered SEO strategy, you can perform tasks faster and more efficiently.

Why is AI SEO Important?

As mentioned above, AI and SEO are a perfect match, which means that when they’re used together, they make it easier to boost a website’s ranking. Why? That’s because search engines are always putting the user first, which makes user experience an important ranking factor; and AI is one of the best ways to provide users with a seamless experience online. With an AI SEO strategy, you can target not only keywords, but also concepts, context, and customer satisfaction.           

Now that you’re clear you want to use AI SEO to help your site rank higher, you also want to know how you can go about it. Below stated are 6 ways you can use AI to improve your website.

6 Ways to Use AI for Search Engine Optimization

 1. Discovering your opportunities

You need to first identify hidden ranking opportunities. Powerful AI-powered SEO can give you an in-depth insight into keywords that you should be targeting, and potential link building opportunities. Finding keywords, topic ideas, and other opportunities that aren’t too common yet can help you beat the fierce competition around. Certainly, finding such opportunities takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity, but doing so will help you craft a content strategy that can exponentially boost your website’s SEO. And, there are AI SEO tools like BrightEdge that can also help you do this faster.

2. Creating content

Once you’ve discovered new content opportunities, it’s time you put them into existence. AI tools like Frase can help you understand what kind of content you can create around the right keywords. Using the right AI tools, you’ll be able to identify trending topics, content gaps to exploit, and the average number of sections to include. These insights will make it easy to create content, tailored to answer the particular queries of your target audience. Hence, you come up with personalized content that satisfies user intent.

3. Optimizing your content

Content optimization is about keywords, internal links, backlinks, and a lot more. But, search engines now look at a lot more than just these basic indicators. You need to optimize your site for precise searcher intent. And, how do you do that? That’s right – with the help of AI SEO tools. These tools can help you create topic clusters that answer user queries, use keywords and LSI keywords correctly, and know the optimum length of content on a given topic. Content created around all of this is what search engines love to serve their users. Furthermore, AI-powered writing tools like Grammarly and Atomic Reach can also help ensure that your content makes for a pleasant read, which can help increase time-on-site.

4. Optimizing for voice

Voice search is growing in popularity more than ever before! With more people relying on voice-activated devices to search the internet, it’s getting increasingly important to optimize for voice. Voice SEO is something you can’t ignore anymore. AI tools like Frase can help you create voice optimized content by showing you the questions searchers are asking through voice, around which you can then create content. AI tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway can also help you create conversational content by recommending tone changes and highlighting the passages that are difficult to read. And, when you want to rank for voice, remember, voice assistants can’t pull out 10 different answers like search engine pages. Instead, they can only give one answer – the one that is right at the top of SERPs. This means that you’ll HAVE TO rank at the top, no matter what.

5. Speeding up your processes

SEO is certainly a tedious time-consuming task. But, with AI-powered tools, it becomes easier and faster. AI tools can gather data, analyze it, and translate it into actionable steps, thus reducing both the labour and time otherwise to be invested. Moving further, AI SEO tools like Alli AI can also help with technical SEO like conducting website audits, automatically optimizing content, and fixing duplicate content issues. With such great assistance, you can quickly scale your SEO efforts, without overworking your team, as AI can take over every most of the labourious and time-consuming aspects of SEO.

6. Providing a seamless user experience

As we’ve mentioned previously in this blog, search engines are always focusing on the users first, which means user experience is of utmost importance. In fact, Google has also announced that page experience will now be a significant ranking factor from the year 2021. Page experience is a set of signals that measure a user’s satisfaction when interacting with a Web page. AI tools can help determine whether your pages will provide users with a positive user experience or not. AI tools like Market Brew can mimic search engines and give recommendations on what you can do to improve your website’s user experience.

Final Words:

With SEO and AI worked upon well, you will be in a better position to create a robust SEO strategy that’s bound to get you noticed. You’ll also get more traffic and hence, more business. So, if you’ve not embraced the power of AI SEO yet, it’s time you get in touch with professionals offering SEO company in India, to help you with the same and achieve outstanding results.


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