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5 Email Marketing Tips For Virtual Events


In the times of uncertainty, just like the one we’re facing at present during the pandemic, email marketing can prove to be absolutely vital for all kinds of businesses and associations. But, in the present time, when everyone is rushing to get online, the amount of digital clutter has only increased. And, more and more organizations across the globe are shifting to virtual events to maintain engagement levels. Virtual engagement is thus a way of communication today, which makes it important to have some effective email marketing tips handy.

Tip 1 – Craft your subject lines well

A well-crafted subject line is of utmost importance for your email. After all, it is the subject line that grabs the attention of the reader, even before opening the email. You must use strategic subject lines to market your event. This can be done by using words that attract, such as introducing new product/services, offering discounts, reasons to attend the event, etc. Do anything, but make sure to grab the attention of the reader, while also making it tempting for him/her to open the mail to see what’s inside.

Tip 2 – Personalize your messages

The most successful tip when sending out an email is to personalize your message. Every recipient receives so many emails everyday that it becomes very easy to miss out a mail. To avoid having them miss out on your mail, you must make sure that your message stands out. While the subject line should be catchy, it is also personalization that can help you achieve a hit. So, you could always address your recipient by his/her name, grabbing the eyes of the reader, while also making him feel your invitation as a personal invite. Further, you must also customize your message based on the content type and relationship to each recipient; and this can be made easier through audience segmentation. All of this can be made faster and easier with the help of an email marketing software, and making sure that your marketing tools and CRM are completely integrated.

Tip 3 – Use graphics wisely

Visuals can make an otherwise plain text more interested to browse through. In fact, it has been studied that content containing visuals see up to 650% higher engagement levels than plain text messages. So, use some graphics in your content to create an overall more aesthetically pleasing experience for your readers. This may include images, videos, or animations, depending upon what seems more relevant and targeting.

Tip 4 – Have a clear Call-To-Action

You certainly want your reader to take up an action. So, what is that? Whether it is to fill up a registration form, or to sign up for something, or do anything else, you need to make it clear to them. Because the end goal might have a clear deadline, it is more than important to include a clear call-to-action in every email you send. You could have a large, colourful, easy-to-read call-to-action button with actionable language to encourage your recipients to take the next step in the registration process.

Tip 5 – Ensure mobile-friendliness

Last, but not the least, mobile-friendliness is very important, since most of the recipients would likely be using their smartphones to go through their mails. Not everyone would want to get onto their computers or laptops for browsing their mails. This is why you need to ensure that your content is created for all kinds of devices, may it be desktops, laptops, notebooks, or smartphones. In addition, your registration forms should also be easy to fill up on the smallest of devices too, so that your reader can instantly fill up the form without having to leave it for later and miss out, or having to forcefully get onto a desktop or laptop for the same.

By employing these 5 simple tips into your event marketing campaign, you can ensure higher levels of virtual event attendance for your organization. So, make sure to use these tips and design an easily accessible campaign to create a system of communication that every recipient will want to read and take action for. You could do it on your own, or hire professional email marketing services in India for the same.


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