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Top 5 Latest Google AdWords Updates Of 2017


Google has been continually introducing updates in Google AdWords because the search engine has realized the continuous increase in popularity of AdWords and its concentration in the hands of the big players in various industries. Let us take a deeper look into the top 5 AdWords updates

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Affinity Photo Or Adobe Photoshop – Which Is Better?

Website Developers in India

Adobe Photoshop – One name that every Web designer in India and across the globe is very familiar with! This photo-editing software has been ruling the industry since the past 27 years. Although within all these years, there were many softwares that tried to oust Photoshop, but

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Why And How Is User Engagement Important For SEO?


SEO has been constantly changing from time to time, and businesses need to keep up with those modifications. What was once really important has faded out at present; and what is important today will fade out soon in the future. But, there is one SEO factor that

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Why Is Web Design Important For A Successful Marketing Campaign?


Are you one of those organizations who understand the importance of marketing, but are still stuck up with the old-fashioned traditional outbound methodologies like TV advertising, radio advertising, email marketing, etc.? All these tactics have gone completely stale now. With the wide usage of the internet and

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How To Diagnose Marketing Strategy Issues Through Analytics?


Digital marketing is no doubt very complicated, and marketers are always trying their best to provide the right content to the right people at the right time. However, this is not as easy as it may seem. With an enormous amount of data that they need to

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Have You Considered Designing With Paired Fonts?


Great fonts are important for a great design, but picking out great fonts can be challenging. This is because you need fonts that are readable, pleasing to the eyes, as well as relevant to the business type. There is a science that applies to a heading, subheading,

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The Latest Web Development Trends You Mustn’t Miss In 2017


Technology has been changing and will keep changing constantly in the future too in order to help websites reach the top while satisfying users with a great website experience. And, it is important that you keep up with these continually changing trends. Every few weeks you see

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How To Improve Your Website Performance And SEO?


Every business needs to work hard on their website performance and SEO to ensure better ranking and visibility on search engines. But, Google, the most powerful search engines today, keeps on updating its algorithms every now and then so as to have an influential impact on search

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How To Generate Leads For Local Businesses?


If you are a business owner struggling to find leads and customers for your local business, you may be very frustrated. There are many business owners who are in the same lane of generating leads to keep up with projected sales. Here are some of the best

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Guidelines To Design A Speedy Mobile-Friendly Website


We all know how more and more users are adapting their mobile devices for browsing the Web. And looking at this increasing number, we are also witnessing a growth in the number of mobile websites coming up. With so many mobile websites present, you need to make

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