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How To Optimize Your Google Plus Page For Best Outcomes?

how-to-optimize-your-google-plus-page-for-best-outcomesGoogle Plus is one of the most important elements of an online marketing strategy for businesses to show up in SERPs. Showing up for the right searches is important to have a whole lot of new customers coming in to the site. If you are looking to boost up the organic visibility of your business’ Google Plus page and traffic on your site, you must follow these simple yet effective strategies. You can also hire professionals to help you with all kinds of online marketing and social media marketing in India, to get the most effective results.

Display local information

You can get the best business from local customers, and for that, you need to establish a connection with them. This can be done easily by displaying your local address and phone number. Adding this to your page with increase walk-in traffic and phone calls, thus bringing better rankings on SERPs. It brings a more personal touch by calling a local number and making conversations. Google notices that your business has all the information users are looking for, and thus will better rank your page.

Add working days and time

Along with information like your address and phone number, your working hours also play a very significant role. You may not realize this or may not even consider it to be an important element, but it actually is. Any wrong or missing information about your working hours may have you listed as ‘closed’ even when you are open. This will drive away lots of users during the time you are operating. So, make sure to mention the days and hours of your operation.

Update your page regularly

Posting frequently on your pages is one of the most important ways of attracting Google’s attention. It may be a few updates, blogs or any relevant content, but updating a page provides users with fresh content, and this is one thing that Google considers. You need to update your Google Plus page at least once in every 72 hours to have a better chance of ranking on SERPs compared to others who don’t post as much. Concisely, stay active on Google Plus, engage in conversations, and try receiving as many +1s as possible.

Permit reviews

When you have more of reviews on your site, you have the tendency to rank higher on SERPs. This is because reviews provide more value to the search of users. More reviews mean more people are using your products/services, meaning that more people know you. But make sure you have positive reviews on your site. However, even if you have negative reviews, ascertain that you take steps to resolve the issues your users are facing and respond to them regarding the same. This will show your proficiency, and will also let Google know that you care.

Create one page per location

Businesses that have multiple locations should create one Google Plus page per location in order to maximize their performance on search engines. Having multiple pages allow businesses to use their local addresses, phone numbers and more to bring in more local customers to their store/site. This strategy will let you increase the opportunity to trigger different pages in local search results.

It is simple yet important to optimize your Google Plus page by providing the most relevant and huge amounts of data. Utilize the above mentioned tactics in your marketing strategy and you can easily rise above your competitors.


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