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Guidelines To Create A Useful And Well-Optimized FAQ Page


The golden rule of marketing has been to hold your customer well so that you don’t lose them to your competitor. A customer will leave you only because of two reasons – first, you don’t have the right SEO practices to give your customers what they’re looking for, and second, your customers are confused about what they’re seeing on your page. For the first, you can hire the best SEO services in India, and for the second, we’re here to help you with building the right FAQ page for your website, where your visitors and customers can come to for clearing any doubts they’re having about your products and services.

Building a FAQ page – Which questions to include?

When building a FAQ age, you want to answer every possible question a customer may have in his mind. While you can include the basic information about your product/service, there are many other doubts one may have, which you’ll need to clear. But for that, you first need to “know” every kind of doubt that may arise. So, how would you find them out?

There are a number of tools that collect questions from online discussion boards to help you know all kinds of questions revolving around the products or services that you’re offering. Other than this, you can also refer to “People Also Ask” boxes. Then, you can converse with your customer support team to know exactly what your customers are asking when they contact your people on the floor. Using all the data acquired from all these sources and optimizing them properly can help satisfy your customers, and also help you achieve higher organic rankings.

Building a FAQ page – How should your answers be?

  • First and foremost, remember that all the questions and answers on your FAQ page should be clear, concise, and accurate.
  • Keep the answers as short as possible, keeping them up to the point, without adding any unnecessary data.
  • If the answer requires a good amount of explanation, which means a detailed answer, then instead of writing out all of it, you can create a video in its place to give a better and engaging explanation.
  • You could also add infographics, flowcharts, or checklists to make your answers short and engaging. It has been proven that visuals improve engagement, and also make things easy to understand and remember.
  • Google has a separate schema type specifically for the FAQ pages, which it names as FAQPage schema. By all means, you must use this schema, to make your FAQ page easier to understand for Google; thus helping it stand out in search.
  • You could also use a link in your answer to take the customer right to the page that serves the product, service, or information in detail. This will also help your page rank in organic search as the customer will have a longer journey on your site; thus increasing time on site.

Your FAQ page is an important step in the user’s buying journey, and a good organic search asset that can both bring and convert traffic. So, use the above guidelines to create a wonderful FAQ page, and see your conversions, rankings, and reliability reach the pinnacles of success!


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