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Guide To Creating The Best SEO Reports


With SEO reports, business owners can be shown how their SEO efforts are paying off and that the results are positively impacting their business. However, with these reports, business owners need to be shown what they want to see. And for this, it is important to first understand what success means to them. For them, success could be generating traffic, increasing sales, boosting ranking on SERPs, or anything else. Here is a step by step guide about how the perfect SEO reports can be created to satisfy business owners while revealing all the important information. As a business owner, you can either do it on your own with the experience you have, or hire professional SEO services in India for the same.

What is the main objective?

As mentioned above, the SEO reports should be aligned with the business objectives. So first, the SEO goals of the business needs to be outlines and tangible business objectives should be included. Along with this, business owners need to be explained what the SEO efforts are working towards and why it is important. This will give the SEO report a direction, as well as set the expectations of the business.

Structure the hypothesis

Once the goals and objectives are identified, a structure needs to planned out stating where the efforts must be focused on to meet the goals. This includes asking “how” the plan must be executed to meet the business expectations. Outline the plan of attack and make sure the efforts bring up results that have the most positive impact on the business.

Draft the procedure

In this stage, all SEO goals that have been achieved need to be included. Showing business owners evidence that their investment is paying off is important, and will also help boost up the relationship between the SEO provider and business owner.

Record the observations

This is where real and tangible data can be shown. These could include the following –

Keyword performance – Show which keywords have boosted the business rankings on SERPs. You can also state the keywords that dint perform so well, while also showing how these low-performing keywords can be dealt with.

Page optimization – This will help to know how well-optimized a page is for a particular keyword or set of keywords the business has been ranking for. This will help to know how the chances of ranking even better can be improved.

Inbound traffic – This will show how people are straightforward heading to the site, which is a clear sign of the progress the website has made. Also, include where the increase in traffic is coming from – keywords, backlinks, etc.

These are just some of the aspects that can be measured and stated. An experienced company offering professional SEO services in India can help you observe much more.

Lastly, before setting out the SEO report finally, make sure to review it one last time to confirm that the right story is being spoken about. Make sure it illustrates what the SEO efforts are focused on and how they are impacting the overall business goals.


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