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Google Expands Ad Text Headline And Description Character Limits


During the annual Google Performance Summit Keynote, there were lots of exciting changes announced, out of which what we are going to speak about in this blog is the expanded text ads. How significant this update is to AdWords you will understand while you read further.

What changes have been made to text ads?

Headlines have been increased by 2x! Headlines that have been limited to a 25 character line will now be increased to two 30 character lines, which means that the headlines will increase by 140 percent! Moreover, description lines that have been limited to two 35 character lines will now be decreased to a single line but, the characters will be increased to 80, implying that descriptions will increase by 14 percent. To sum it up, the regular 25-35-35 limits will come to an end with the introduction of the new 30-30-80; thus, an increase of a total 45 characters.

How useful is this change?

To someone who is new to the field of PPC, the addition of 45 characters in a text ad won’t mean anything. But, those who are in the industry, 45 characters mean almost everything! For those who are familiar, more characters mean better messaging and more opportunity to highlight the benefits of the business, and more than anything an extra clickable headline!

In the early testing phase, some advertisers reported an increase in their click-through rates that went up to 20% compared to current text ads. However, there is still a lot to be learnt and analyzed with these changes; so the metrics of CTRs are sure to change further. But, what we know is that this change is definitely going to be a boon.

How to make the most of this change?


You have an extra clickable headline, and a longer one. What you put into this clickable space will show how inviting your ad text is. Remember that the big blue headlines are much more prominent than the description text. Make the most of it to attract a high number of audiences. The content and quality of your headlines will determine the performance of your ads. So, focus on writing the best headline possible.

Ad extensions

Include as many ad extensions in your ads that can help your business. Try including atleast 4 extensions so that the system has multiple choices while assembling your ad unit for auction. Extensions also tend to drive more clicks to your ads. However, remember that your extensions should not repeat what you have already mentioned in your ad text.

Improved calls-to-action

Calls-to-action definitely work almost every time. But, you need to try to find more specific actions that center on the users. If you use words that seem beneficial to them, they will be more tempted to click on your ad. People want reliability, authority, sales, discounts, etc. Use these factors and create your calls-to-action, keeping in mind what would make the users click on your add by offering them what they need.

Although all of the above may seem really simple and you may think that you can do all of this on your own, but it is advisable to hire the finest PPC services in India because professionals who have been in the industry for so long definitely know the in and out of PPC, and will use their potential and knowledge to the best for your benefit.


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