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Content Or Design – Which Is More Important?

Content-Or-Design-Which-Is-More-Important“Content or design – what should I first have in hand?” This is a very old argument that people are fighting over almost every time. However, after going through this blog, you should be in a better position to understand which of the two is more important. So, read along.

Whether you wish to do all the designing and development part of your website in-house with your group of technology experts that have immense knowledge in coding, programming and designing, or you wish to hire professional website designers in India, you need to know the order of priority of events. With a whole range of designing options available today including JavaScript, animations, flash plugins, font styles, colours, and more, nothing will be useful if you can’t blend the design well with the content. If it is the design that attracts the visitors to your site, remember that it is the content that keeps them on the page. So, both design and content go hand in hand to make an effective website.

Although the decision about whether design should come first or content depends on the situation and requirement, let us see in detail how one overpowers the other.

Designing without content

If there is no content in hand and you start with designing your site, you will have endless options. Your design will be vast and artistic as it won’t have to cater to a specific content or target. With these limitless options, ultimately your website design may cost you a fortune! But, what if there is too much of design that leaves very little space for the vast amount of content you need to fit in? Or what if you limit your design to a simple one, and the content you have is also minimal? Both ways you are in for trouble.

Content without design

What do you think the purpose of a design is? Is it only to beautify a page? No! Apart from that, the design needs to be able to communicate the message of the content to the visitors. This means that if you don’t have content available for the designers, they wouldn’t know what exactly is to be communicated. However, even if you have content without the design, you wouldn’t know how and how much to write to fit things into an effective design. So, when considered, it is still better to have content ready before your design as designing based on the content will be easier and appealing, as compared to fitting in your content into the design later on.

Design and content together

Although the above blog hints that it is better to have content before the design rather than vice-versa, but the best solution would be that the designers and content writers partner up with each other in the design project. Both designers and content writers are masters in their respective fields. They both can express complex ideas in their own different ways to invoke emotion and impact. Therefore, they can always create the best when they partner up together. Remember that a good design will bring out the best of content, while strong content can enhance a great design.


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