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How Can You Use Link Equity To Maximize Your SEO Ranking?


We know that links are important to improve rankings, SEO, relevance, authority, and traffic for a website. But, do you know how you can use link equity to maximize your SEO ranking? This blog will list out the most important principles of link equity, common issues a site may encounter, following a list of actions you must take to ensure that your site is on the right path. All of this information will help you gain better rankings and execute your SEO. And, if you want to be saved from all these hassles, the best action to take is to hire a professional digital marketing company in India who can take care of your marketing tasks that can further make link building easier and better.

Principles of link equity

  1. Well-linked-to pages have more link equity to pass than poorly-linked-to pages. Pages that acquire multiple links from relevant and authorized sites have an opportunity of boosted ranking.
  2. External links provide more ranking value than internal links. This doesn’t means that internal links don’t provide any link equity or good rank, but if a domain has no links at all, it becomes very difficult to rank the site.
  3. Pages with fewer links pass more link equity to targets than pages with more number of links. So, if you avoid hundreds and thousands of links, and make a page have only a few most important and most valuable links, you’ll get more link equity and more rank boosting ability.
  4. Redirects and canonicalization can cost a small amount of link equity. However, the non-ideal ones like 302, 307, and JavaScript-based redirects can potentially cost more. So, if a redirect or canonicalization is important, make sure you opt for 301s or rel=canonicals.
  5. Nofollow tags are often ineffective at shaping the flow of link equity. Google is unlikely to follow such links to shape the flow of your link equity as the search engine is really good at interpreting and marking down these things; so it could all be just a waste of time.

Link equity flow issues

Now that you are clear with the most important principles of link equity, you will be in a better position to understand the most common issues faced with link equity flow, and the actions that you are supposed to take to eliminate them.

Only a few pages on a large site get all the external links

A website with hundreds of pages cannot have links coming to all of its pages. Instead, only a few pages earn a substantial quantity of external links. But, there are other pages on such a site where you will want to earn link equity, but those are not getting any external links.

Only the homepage of a smaller site gets external links

Now, when you have a very small website with only 10 to 20 pages, the most general case will be that only your homepage gets external links. This is again an issue because you will want your other pages to get links too.

Actions that must be taken for the best link equity

With the two most important issues seen in regards to link equity flow, there are certain actions that you can and must take if you want better link equity flow on your site, with links flowing in to the pages you have wanted.

For large website owners who want links coming in to larger number of pages

First, identify the most important non-link earning pages (let us name then “X”). Next, optimize your internal links from the best linked-to pages to these non-link earning pages. This is a great way to pass equity, making your pages very strong. Another important aspect you would want to consider is to rework the content of the non-link earning pages, after which you can republish your page, and restart marketing and link-building campaigns to get more valuable links.

For small website owners who want links coming to pages other than the homepage

First of all, make sure that your homepage is targeting the most critical keyword. Next, consider to have new pages for content targeting that particular keyword. Your “About Us” or “Terms of Service” pages naturally do not earn links. So, you need to work out on what kinds of pages you can produce that can earn you the links you are not yet getting. And for this, you can first identify your target customers who are linking to your homepage. Analyze what kinds of content pieces they would link to, and create pages related to the same. This is sure to bring you immense success.


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