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How Can Links In Various Places On Your Site Impact SEO?


You have placed lots of links here and there on your website. There may be some in the header, and others in the footer. There may be some in the navigation, and others in the content. So, which of these links are the most valuable? Not all links are created equal. You need to understand which links placed where can bring you the best results. And for that, you need to get familiar with the details to help you build a strong linking structure. So, read this blog and clear all your link-ing doubts. Check out how all your links can affect both internal and external links, and the link equity and value they pass to your website.

Links in the header are more valuable that links in the footer

If you have a link in your footer, but don’t have it in your primary navigation or content of the page, you are in for a loss. This is because a link down there in the footer may not carry as much weight internally. In fact, at times, it may not carry any weight at all, other than just the indexing!

Links in the content matter more than links in the navigation

This isn’t universally true, but this is what is generally seen. Any kind of links seen within the content that are appropriately placed with the right use of words that arouse temptation and anxiety, are likely to receive more clicks, than the links in the navigation. Even when speaking of external links, the area of content is where you will get the most link value if you have the option of where you are going to get an external link from on your page.

Multiple links to the same URL is a bad idea

Google ignores multiple links pointing to the same URL, for both internal and external links. So, if you are trying to stuff in links in your internal content to other pages, and if they are already placed elsewhere too, you won’t be getting any additional value. So, thinking that doing so will better your anchor text value is a big mistake. Remember that second links do not carry any anchor text value.

Visible links carry the most weight

If you have very small fonts, very tiny links, or links that are not accessible, its better you place no links at all. Any links that are not clearly visible or easily accessible don’t carry much weight in Google’s rankings.

Links opening in new tabs or windows are no different

When you are comparing the links that open in different tabs or windows to those that open in the same window, you won’t see much difference there, because it hardly matters in the eyes of Google. The search engine does not appear to carry any different perspective from such experiments.

Now that you know which links have more value and how, you can plan a perfect linking strategy for your site. For further assistance, you can always take the help of companies providing SEO services in India, who will help you not only with your linking structure, but also every other aspect of SEO.


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