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Are You Considering These Things While Deciding Your Keywords?


Keywords are a vital part of an SEO campaign, and you have to get them right. With the wrong or inappropriate set of keywords, you won’t be shown up where you want to be seen. So, here are a few things you must consider while choosing your keywords, or you must hire SEO experts in India to help you get the best results out of your campaigns.

Length of keywords

Choosing shorter keywords or long-tail keywords is something that has been in question since quite a while. While many say that short length keywords are a better idea, it has been seen that long-tail keywords are more likely to fetch a good audience. Therefore, more keywords mean more potential.

Detailed creativity

There are many others who run the same business as you. If you are going to use simple and general keywords to define your business, you will be lost in the crowd. Find out what separates you from the rest and include your peculiar and unique quality in your keyword along with the general phrase to attract more visitors.


Remember never to use plurals as keywords. People very rarely search for plurals, and having plural keywords on your site may have the very sensitive search engine put your website out of sight in no time!

Geographical location

The same words can be used differently across different countries in the world. The language used, the way words are phrased, the meaning of words – all of this differs with every country. Make sure you consider the geographical locations while designing your keywords. Incorporate keywords that are significant to a geographical location.

Latest trends

Everything goes in and out of trend – clothes, accessories, electronics, vehicles, and everything else you could think of. And remember that this includes language too. Words also become old-fashioned, and if you use those words, you will not be able to attract people to your site. Be aware of the new trends and make sure your keywords follow them too.

Target audience

You know what kind of audience you wish to target. Now, get into their minds and think from their viewpoint. Ask yourself what they may type in to search, or what words they are familiar with that describe your business. Instead of using only technical terms that speak about your business, balance these jargons with familiar words too.

Chasing competitors

It has become a widespread practice to follow competitors in every move. And this is what people do even in terms of keywords. But how can you be sure that your competitors are using the right keywords? What if they are not using the appropriate words? You will also land up doing the same! Hence, it is better to focus on what you provide to your customers and design your keywords accordingly, instead of relying upon or copying someone else.

So from now on, do an extensive research and follow the above mentioned guidelines to find the right keywords for you. Be wise in choosing your keywords so that you can easily lift up towards the pinnacle of success.


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