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A Website Or Web Application – Which Is Better?


Do you want a website or a Web application for your business? If you think what you “want” will be the determining factor for your decision, you’re wrong. That’s because what you “want” isn’t necessary, but what you “need” is important. Every business type is different, with different audiences to attract, and different geographies to cover, which means the ways of doing business is also different. So, whether you should be having a website or a Web application will be decided by some such factors.

How do websites and Web applications differ?

Let’s first help you understand how websites and Web applications differ in terms of the results they bring up, so that you can decide as to what you need to choose with respect to your business goals.

Ease of availability – When accessing a website, users need a Web browser, while to use an application, they need to install it first. In any way, installation is a must. However, modern applications, SaaS applications, and PWAs do not need separate installations.

Ease of development – Websites are compatible across all platforms and devices, but it becomes important to optimize them for different screen sizes. On the other hand, applications need to be developed separately for each different platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Ease of marketing – Websites can be easily shared, with publishers instantly directing users to a website from any other source. Applications, on the other hand, need to have users to especially download and install it.

Ease of functionality – Websites are less effective and beyond the scope of business requirements, while applications are more effective in accessing native functionalities of the device on which they run.

Which one to choose?

With both websites and Web applications having their own pros and cons, how would you decide as to which one you should be opting for?

You should choose a website if – You are a small local business who would just need some brief introductions and online marketing campaigns, while showcasing your products/services to your customers. As a start-up or a business with less personnel, you may just need a website for marketing and lead generation purposes.

You should choose a Web application if – You are a doorstep service business, or a part of manufacturing, textile, agriculture, or a business with many external divisions. You may need an application if you are a business that expects continuous customer interaction at regular intervals, combining chat, social media, AI integrations, and more.

What’s even better?

While a website needs you to install a browser, and a Web application needs you to install the app itself, different for different kinds of platforms, a Progressive Web App (PWA) is a better alternative, which uses modern Web technologies to deliver a native app-like experience. It is a fast, reliable, and engaging substitute that delivers a powerful user experience that can be accessed directly from the home screen of a mobile device. PWAs are compatible with multiple browsers, delivering a native app-like experience, for both Android and iOS devices, regardless of the network connection, hence loading apps even when a connection isn’t available!

Your website or Web application is essentially a marketing hub to connect all your digital marketing strategy efforts, which includes planning for SEO, social media sharing buttons, gated content available after form-filling, newsletter signups, and more. So now, what you need is your decision – one that should be based on your distinctive business needs, target audiences, intended purpose, and your available budget. Whatever your choice, you can always approach a professional Web design company in India to help, who can offer a blend of expertise including creative conception, brand sensitivity, technical skill, and design execution. You can communicate with them all your requirements and preferences, and have the most ideal website built for you, including the most relevant and appealing design, layout, navigation, graphics, special effects, audio, video, and more. All in all, you need to choose a one-stop destination for both Web designing and development assignments, one that can suit your need, as well as fit your budget.


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