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10 SEO Tips And Tricks For 2020


It’s the beginning of a new decade with 2020 here; and there is so much new that is going to happen. However, in the world of SEO, there is always something new happening. Events take a turn just like that, and you always need to be ready for the change. This is why you must always have professional SEO services in India hired for you, so that every upcoming change can be looked into, and changes made as soon as an update is made from Google’s end so as not to lose much on rankings or value. So, what is it that the year 2020 brings for the world of SEO? It is a mix of both old favourites and new ideas, which need to be used well to power up your SEO strategy.

  • The basics

The basics like titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, alt text, site speed, site maps, robots.txt, and the like are all incredibly important in 2020 too. We need to keep the web as an accessible place, which is why these things are important to be continued for accessibility purposes. Schema markup is also going to be important with FAQ schema, creadcrumbs, business info, and news.

  • Content

Writing good useful content helps optimize the text for Natural Language Processing, making the content more accessible and friendly for BERT. While we can’t necessarily optimize for BERT, we can at least write good content that people are looking for. So, content is still the king!

  • Visuals

Google is putting more authority behind visuals now, whether it is images or videos. Organize your content to blend both text and visuals in a structured manner, so that you can also rank in video or image search results.

  • Searcher intent

There was a time of very basic specific keywords, but today, it is more about rich understanding of the intention behind these keywords. Organizing that and providing better value and content is more than important today. Remember that Google is the world’s databank, and it knows what people are searching for when they look for a particular thing in search. So, you need to examine what it is showing for a particular keyword, and tailor your content and intent to serve that.

  • Entity and topical integration

You need to understand your audience and what they are looking for. This plays well into both entities and topical understanding. Again, you will need to look at better awareness of keywords. What are the topical things and entities that people are looking for in your particular space? How can you better organize your website to provide those answers around all of that?

  • SERPs

In order to get an accurate and clear picture of what is going on in search results, you need to localize search results and rankings. EAT or Expertise – Authority – Trust is a huge factor, which has been important for the last 10-plus years, and also continues to stay important, despite of all kinds of updates that Google brings along.

  • Featured snippets

Featured snippets are here to stay. So, you must find the keywords that you currently ranking for, on page 1, that have a featured snippet box, to find your opportunities. Providing easy-to-understand summaries, takeaways, etc. just like what your competitors are doings, without copying them, can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Repurposing your content

You can excel in 2020 by repurposing your content. Find your top-performing Web pages and repurpose them into slideshows, audios, videos, image files, Q&As, etc. In any way, refurbish your content and expand your reach online, which helps you provide options to people to consume your content in any way they like.

  • Low-quality page improvisation

Improve on all those pages that you think are of low quality. Improve the perceived quality of your site by doing that. Consider testing and meta no-indexing low-quality thin pages of your website.

  • Find keyword opportunities in Google Search Console

Go into your Google Search Console and export as much data as you can around your queries, your position, your impressions, and your click-through rates, you can do some incredible simple visualizations to find opportunities.

With so much happening in the world of SEO in 2020, you will always need professional SEO services in India hired for you!


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