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What Is The Time Taken For An SEO Campaign?


In order to achieve success between your competitors in the market, you need to be well aware and updated with the new strategies coming up. Similarly, you need to know which elements can bring you higher SEO. In order to get this, you need to have the skills and diverse and intense strategies. To get better SEO, you need to hire SEO experts to do the job for you.

Do you know the time taken for SEO? Well, it entirely depends on every different business. It varies depending on the scope and strength of different businesses. There can be no approximate time set for SEO for a particular campaign. However, you can get a hint of how SEO is related to the time taken for every different step required by reading the article below.

Setting up your site

In order to update your site for better SEO, you will need to redesign your site properly and update and restructure your sitemap. You will have to offer a discrete navigation for easy access of your site, and implementation of meta tags and a proper title tag. Take measures to improve the page loading time of your site and its security. Check for any errors or bad codes that you might be having on your site, which affect ranking in search engines. All these changes need to be done only once, after which there will be other measures to be taken on a regular basis. But, the entire setup of the site is to be done only once, if done perfectly. The time taken entirely varies depending on the size of your site and how many changes need to be made.

Minimum time – 10 hours, Maximum time – 40 hours

Monitoring your site

Now that your setup is complete, you need to check how it is performing online, and accordingly make adjustments from time to time. Initially you can check for it on a daily basis but once everything seems just fine, you can reduce your checkup schedule to once or twice a week. You can check for any crawl errors or duplicacy on Google Search Console. If there are no errors, then updating the changes won’t take much time but, if there are any issues confronted, it might take longer.

Minimum time – 3 hours a week, Maximum time – 12 hours a week

Creating posts and blogs

Depending on what your business is about, you must decide how frequently you want to and should be posting. If you need to post on a daily basis, it will require tremendous time from your side to create posts in different formats. But, if you require publishing only one or two posts a week, it will be a matter of just a few hours every week.

Minimum time – 3 hours a week, Maximum time – 50 hours a week


This is another area where it completely depends on the frequency of your actions – whether you are occasionally posting on social media or whether you are constantly targeting publishers for link-building opportunities. Publishing once in a while won’t take much time but, if you are going to do it frequently for getting links, then you need to spend a lot of time to do so.

Minimum time – 5 hours a week, Maximum time – 25 hours a week

Analyzing the impact of strategies

Apart from monitoring how your site is performing, you also need to monitor the impact of your strategies, and analyze if you need to improve on any of them. Monitoring your strategies will let you know about your campaign’s success or failure. It depends on you how often you want to monitor this – daily, weekly or monthly. But, it is recommended that you check this at least once a week.

Minimum time – 1 hour a week, Maximum time – 2 hours a week

You have seen how the time spent varies in different process. If you sum it up, you will see that the time spent on SEO can range anywhere between 22 hours to 129 hours a week. Now with such a diverse result, how will you analyze how long it will take for your SEO campaign? Hire SEO experts who will do the job for you and give you an estimated time frame in which they would complete the task of your SEO campaign. Jain Technosoft is one such reputed name who offers the best organic SEO services in India.


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