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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ad Blocking?


Most of the internet users have a common complain of online ads causing a hindrance in their online browsing experience. With the arrival of browser plugins like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus now the internet browsers can easily get rid of all the annoying ads.

Now like everything else, ad blocking plugins too come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand while the web browsers are happy that they can now to an extent control the annoying ads, this surely is not a good news for webmasters and content writers – as internet marketing  is one of the major source of their income. And if the revenues from advertisement are taken away, it surely is going to affect the quality of content writing strategy which in turn will in turn affect the online traffic. Thus it is a circle of sorts; having a domino effect many inter related things.

Each year internet sees more and more of online marketing as the best way to reach out to the masses. In fact not all users find advertisements as annoying or a waste of their time. And many advertisements are informative and well-targeted with which users can get to know about the new and upcoming products and services. On the other hand, by actively blocking ads the ability of internet users to explore and discover new goods and services is limited.

Blocking of ads also affects the advertisers as well as advertising agencies. One needs to keep in mind that advertising drives marketing which in turn brings in more sales for businesses. With users consuming most of the media on internet, online marketing has turned into the rule of the day. Stop advertising and it sure is going to have a negative impact on the sales. Along with this the digital marketing strategy of the advertising agencies will also be affected.

So over all when we analyze, we understand that ad block plugins do have its own set of disadvantages. Though these plugins do empower the internet users to choose what is acceptable to them, it surely does limit choices for them as many times they are filtered away with the ad blocking plugins.

The present scenario is that just like ad block plugins use technology to recognize and block advertising, webmasters and SEO experts need to readjust their methods and technologies for delivering advertisements. Along with this the content writers need to come up with more impressive, informative as well as impactful write-ups. Also it is a known fact that the advertisers will not abandon the internet as a medium of online marketing, but now they surely need to improvise upon their marketing strategy.

Thus though the emergence of ad blocking plugins and applications is not at all surprising, another fact which has gained more prominence is the need to balance between relevant advertising, acceptance by internet users and also the financial bottom line of quality content producers and digital marketing strategies. Most of all the government will need to step in and regulate the blockers and advertisers to bring a viable solution for all the parties involved in digital marketing.


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