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Is Investing In Multilingual Marketing A Good Bet?


A survey says that 75% of internet users will make a purchase decision of products and services only if the page is in a language they speak. As we see, a major proportion of websites are in the English language. But, do you know that only 30% of users have English as their native language? With this data, if you are smart enough, you would have already identified the opportunity to invest in multi-lingual marketing. Are you unsure of whether this is beneficial or not? Read on to make things clear.

It brings a strong presence of your brand

Although the internet began to expand widely in the UK and USA, where English is the native language, it has been expanding all over the globe gradually. For this reason, the sites began in English. But now, with the growth of internet usage across countries like India, Japan, China and France, if your site supports languages like Hindi, Japanese, Chinese and French, it will cater to these audiences better. This will gain a strong presence of your business across the globe, and allow for your growth.

It increases reach to new markets

Businesses are always longing to have growth. They expand their products and services to reach out to a wider audience. They build up strategies to increase their market share within their terrains. But, when you have multilingual sites, you start catering to audiences in other terrains too. It is better to increase your market share in new territories than increasing a small market share at home. As mentioned earlier, only 30% of users have English as their native language. This means that you might be missing out on 70% of target audience by sticking to an only-English website.

It helps you stand apart from competitors

There are more than 50% of websites who do not have their page translated in more than one language, with the default language being English. Many of these might be your competitors. If those in your own field lack the use of multilingual sites, you must grab the opportunity and provide your business in multiple languages to cater to a higher number of audiences.

It can be controlled from a single location

When you build up a multilingual site, you need not worry about the multi-territory activities to be controlled. Every activity anywhere around the globe can be controlled from one central location, without the need of a physical on-the-ground presence. Later on, when you start finding success in expansion, you can decide upon opening an office or warehouse in more than one location. So, putting in the same costs while catering to your home territory or in multiple territories, is up to you. But, it is highly beneficial that you opt for this cost-effective strategy of controlling multiple locations from one centrally located place.

Now, you might have realized that it is important for your business to achieve international success. Just as going responsive has been an advantage, so has going multilingual. Just remember that the strategy must be implemented correctly. If you have the right team who understands everything about multilingual SEO and can launch your site with content targeted to each territory, you don’t have to worry. One such name is Jain Technosoft, with whom you can rest assured that you will get professional translation of your web content and great web development support for multilingual SEO and marketing.


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