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Best HTML5 Tools For Web Designers


Web designers throughout the world are looking for ways in which web designs can be improved up on easily. With the launch of the fifth version of HTML, web designers can now not only come up with some amazing and highly effective web designs, but can also save their time and energy.

In this blog post we bring you some of the best HTML5 tools which will be handy in building HTML5 web design. These tools will help you get an in-depth understanding of HTML5 and also help you in managing the code for building web pages.

So here is a comprehensive list of HTML5 tools which you can use this year.

HTML KickStart

This is an ultra-lean HTML5 which makes web designing a lot easier and simple. It consists of a set of HTML, CSS and jQuery files, elements and layouts which is designed to give kick start to your project. One major advantage which you get from this tool is that it does not require any configuration settings and is ready to use after moving the package to the root of your web development.

HTML5 Reset

Want to restart your old website designs and wondering how should you go about it? Then HTML5 Reset is the right solution for you. This HTML5 web development tool is quite advance in its nature and allows you to reset the clock so that you can take your old website designs and re-write them with HTML5.


One of the best HTML5 tool – LiveWeave supports the latest HTML standards along with a whole range of jQuery libraries for both standard as well as mobile applications. This tool helps you save your time in the coding process by automatically generating the HTML and CSS tags.

Adobe Edge Animate

If you are looking for a tool to develop interactive animations for digital publishing, then Adobe Edge Animate is the best HTML5 tool for you. It works well on browsers like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Web developers can also use it for iOS and Android based mobile platforms.

Font Dragr

A brilliant tool Font Dragr allows you to test the custom fonts through the @font- face at – rule, without the need of any CSS coding. This way you do not have spend time testing custom fonts, as you can comfortably load in a font by ‘drag and drop’ and check if it is the one you have been looking for.

Online X ray Tool

This is a free cross browser tool which enables you to see the box model in action for any element, thereby enabling you to see beneath the skin of any webpage. Along with this you can also monitor the position, padding, margins and dimensions of the webpage.


This is a JavaScript library which detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser. Modernizr helps you do the progressive enhancement easily. It is compatible on most of the mobile platforms and supports browsers like Chrome, Safari 2+, Opera 9.6+, Firefox 3.5 and many other web browsers.

So the next down you set down for your HTML5 web design project, make it a point to use these tools to save your time and get better results.


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