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6 Essential Tips To Build A Landing Page That Converts


It is a fact that every landing page is unique and has its own requirements related to the business, products/services, customers, and lots more. Every brand needs to display different elements on its landing page to attract, interest, and engage its customers by providing value to them.

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Affinity Photo Or Adobe Photoshop – Which Is Better?

Website Developers in India

Adobe Photoshop – One name that every Web designer in India and across the globe is very familiar with! This photo-editing software has been ruling the industry since the past 27 years. Although within all these years, there were many softwares that tried to oust Photoshop, but

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Have You Considered Designing With Paired Fonts?


Great fonts are important for a great design, but picking out great fonts can be challenging. This is because you need fonts that are readable, pleasing to the eyes, as well as relevant to the business type. There is a science that applies to a heading, subheading,

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The Latest Web Development Trends You Mustn’t Miss In 2017


Technology has been changing and will keep changing constantly in the future too in order to help websites reach the top while satisfying users with a great website experience. And, it is important that you keep up with these continually changing trends. Every few weeks you see

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Guidelines To Design A Speedy Mobile-Friendly Website


We all know how more and more users are adapting their mobile devices for browsing the Web. And looking at this increasing number, we are also witnessing a growth in the number of mobile websites coming up. With so many mobile websites present, you need to make

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Logo Designing Rules You Mustn’t Miss!


We all know that finalizing on a perfect logo is one of the most important elements of a company’s branding process. This is because the logo visually represents the company’s brand and its value in front of customers. It is a graphic representation of a company’s message,

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How Can You Effectively Deal With WordPress 404 Pages?


When any of the content on a WordPress site cannot be found in the database, the users are shown a 404 error page, which gets very annoying for them. There may be many reasons for this error to take place, including a deleted page, a moved page,

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What Makes WordPress The Best Platform For eCommerce?


Over the years, WordPress has grown to become the most powerful CMS from a simple publishing platform that it earlier was. Today, it is one of the best and most accepted platforms, with more than 24% websites being built on it – the list including reputed brands

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Why Should You Opt For Paid Web Hosting?


Starting a website requires a domain name and hosting space. Budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, and new startups are looking to save money, and the proposition of free web hosting seems to be an attractive option for them as it considerably reduces the costs related with paid web

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How To Use Hover Effects – The Latest Design Trend – Effectively?


Animations have returned to the website design scenario, and they are making their way in since the past year. To be specific, it is the special hover effect that is becoming the latest design trend of 2017. But, instead of the flashy, bouncy, shoddy effects that were

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